10 Ways To Get More Personal Training Clients

Personal Training Clients

Every single day, people search for personal training videos, trainer workout templates, and healthy recipes to stay fit and burn fat.

This means that, with accurate positioning, you can get more personal training clients. Which leads to an increase in profit and revenue.

Here’s the challenge, Personal trainers are often focused on honing their craft and building themselves.

Often, they pay little or no attention to the most important aspect of running a business, which is sales and profit

If you don’t have a good client list, you can’t have a steady income flow and in turn, the business will crash in a twinkle of an eye.

So, to stop this from happening, we have compiled 10 ways to get more personal training clients.

Even if you are just starting, you’ll find these tips to be helpful and rewarding.

Gain Qualified Certification

The first criteria for building trust and reliability from your customers is to get your certification. Personal training certifications do you a lot of favors and open the doors of access.

Due to the unhealthy practices and unprofessionalism often found in this personal training industry, clients prefer to work with someone who is deemed fit to train others.

Getting a certification from a reputable institution helps you build the required expertise to help others reach their goals. It is your responsibility as a trainer to learn the best approach to help others say healthy and in good shape. Especially if they come to you for help.

Beyond the body-building aspect of it, as a personal trainer, you ought to know the right nutrition and diet every client needs to be on.

So, if you have a passion to be a personal trainer or just getting started, you may need to consider enrolling in a recognized institution for proper certification.

10 Ways To Get More Personal Training Clients

Use Personal Training Workout Templates

Clients appreciate it so much when they can use personal workout templates at their own pace. Using a couple of them for exercise and workout routines brings versatility and consistency.

Your workout templates for personal training should be simple. This way, your clients know what routines to follow accordingly.

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These templates for workout sessions can be such a time saver. You can get more done since people usually have the same fitness goals.

Brand Your Business

Branding is a core aspect of your personal training business. If done well, you can attract the kind of high-paying clients you desire. This is because clients only associate with visible results and a proven track record.

Branding in general whether personal or business is all about building the kind of image you want others to associate you with. It is about creating a lasting impression every single time you interact with someone.

To start with, as personal training, your body is proof that you know what you are doing. You can’t walk around with a pot belly and expect people to believe that you’ll help them get rid of belly fat.

Hence, you’ll discover that most successful personal trainers are usually toned and in good shape. This is because business is first perceived by the frontline man or woman.

Your body serves as a business card to promising clients and speaks volumes about the kind of person you are.

Building a personal brand is all about finding that unique flavor that sets you on a distinct plane from the competition.

You are also able to connect with potential clients who know your story, behind-the-scene efforts, and track records. In summary, they’re encouraged to work with you.

Start on the right foot by defining your area of expertise in the personal training industry.

You could also use designed workout templates for your clients. In this manner, you are going to attract the respect and admiration of your clients.

Build A Loyal Clientele

When you help people get the result they desire, you’ve won them over on the spot. Personal training isn’t out of the picture in this regard.

As a personal trainer, always bear in mind that the flock of people who come to you, do so because they need your help. Moreso, they believe that you can help them get the results they desire.

So, helping them get this result only increases their trust and loyalty. Which translates to referrals and testimonials from them. This is the most efficient way to get more personal training from clients.

If you are a result-oriented and downright caring person to your client, you won’t need to tease them into giving you a referral or testimonials.

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People are easily moved to action by the results they get from you more than anything. By this, we mean that, if you help your clients achieve results, their body can get more people calling your hotline.

So, think about ten more people you can attract just by helping one person reach their fitness goal.

Build A Loyal Clientele

Upgrade Your Skills And Knowledge

We’ve emphasized getting a personal fitness certification for your business and for the benefit of your clients. More like it is the need to upgrade your skills and knowledge. There’ll always be trend takeover and change in the way things are done.

Some exercises are evergreen like high-impact training (HIIT) while the rest fade away with time. As a personal fitness trainer, you shouldn’t be scared of trying new and exciting ways to achieve results and stay healthy.

Exercise doesn’t have to be regimented. Upgrade to fun dances, Zumba dance, or Japanese exercises. The goal isn’t just to lose weight but rather to stay fit and equally have fun while doing so.

Build A Personal Fitness Following On Social Media

Building and establishing a strong online presence will help you attract clients everday. It is equally important for your business and personal brand.

Especially if you can create videos and post your workout routines on platforms like Instagram or LinkedIn.

Protip: always draft a concise marketing strategy before you post any content. The aim of social media as a personal trainer isn’t to show off abs or skills but rather to attract more personal training clients.

Simply posting videos without a call-to-action won’t help you convert followers to prospects. Here’s what you should do instead: optimize your bio with an exact description of what you do and the people you serve.

Afterward, add a call to action in your bio. It could be a link to your email, a form, or your direct messaging. Be intentional about the image you want clients to perceive on social media.

Start A Blog Or Youtube Channel

Starting a blog is one of the solid ways to get more personal training clients. Blogging happens to fall into the list of effective and organic digital marketing strategies. With an optimized blog, you can write optimized posts and add a call to action at the end.

Furthermore, you can direct your leads to an email list for more information until they’re ready to sign up with you. It looks like a long stretch but it is evergreen and free to start.

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The same thing applies to owning a youtube channel. You can post videos like simple workout routines for belly fat, leg training, or at-home workouts for busy moms.

Start A Blog Or Youtube Channel

Run Paid Ads

Organic traffic is great and especially saves money for you too. However, you may need to cover more reach, especially considering that organic traffic takes more time to achieve.

Luckily, platforms like Facebook and Google offers you the opportunity to run personal fitness ads to both warm and cold audience.

So, whether you’re just starting online or have a massive following, you can always run retargeting ads to the people who know you and the ones who are yet to interact with your content.

Running online ads can be a little tricky and technical too. So, if it is your first time or you don’t know so much about paid ads. Always consult an expert to carry it out on your behalf.

Organize Free Training Sessions

Everyone loves freebies and training sessions. Just like posting videos for free on Youtube, you may need to hold physical sessions at any gym or yours. Training sessions like these can spark interest and more curiosity about your services.

Here are three things to bear in mind while holding a free personal training session:

  • You are targeting new clients
  • Your brand is on the line
  • Everyone is a prospective client

Having these things at the back of your mind will help you draft a marketing strategy to convert these to loyal clients. A free personal training session is your lead magnet, if used well, you can get more personal training clients.

Develop Relationships With Neighboring Gyms And Therapists

Building a strong relationship with local gym owners and therapists at large will help you get more personal training clients. The personal training business isn’t always a one-man show. You’re going to need the recommendation of other people to boost your brand and gain more prominence.

Here are a few benefits of building relationships with local gyms and therapists as a personal trainer:

  • You get free recommendations
  • With occasional partnerships, you could interact with others.
  • Once you build that rapport, you earn free publicity and referrals.

There are tons of strategies to get more personal training clients but we hope that you implement these and watch out for growth in your business.

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