3157 Back Up Light Bulbs Interesting Facts

3157 back up light bulbs

Like so many other LED light bulbs, the 3157 LED backup bulbs are designed to replace the old incandescent bulbs. The 3157 LED bulbs can easily be installed in any 3157 socket, which is, in fact, the same socket used by the traditional incandescent bulbs. The 3157 LED bulb is a bright bulb that produces a cool white light. It is an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor applications. It offers a multitude of benefits for both the users and the environment. The 3157 LED bulb is energy efficient, with a soft yellow glow that lasts for a long time. The LED bulb is built to last with an average lifespan of 50,000 hours and it is resistant to vibration and impact.

3157 LED backup bulbs – A cost-effective solution

3157 back up light bulbs are great for improving your vehicle’s safety and convenience. They are also significantly better than halogen lights and other bulbs in terms of efficiency and heat dissipation. One of the biggest flaws of most LED bulbs is their high cost. However, the new 3157 LED backup bulbs have a built-in intelligent IC driver, which enables them to provide superior current performance and heat dissipation. These LED bulbs are extremely bright, making them perfect for illuminating dark roads or your garage. Plus, since these bulbs have a wide viewing angle, you get a very bright and even light. These are some of the reasons why these bulbs are a much better alternative to halogen bulbs.

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3157 LED backup bulbs – Long Life and Easy to Install

A few months back I purchased a set of 3157 LED backup bulbs from Amazon. After seeing the listing for these bulbs, I decided to purchase them to see if they really would fit the 3157 sockets that I had in my vehicle. After receiving the bulbs, I did have reservations about the purchase. The way the listing read, it was as if the bulbs would fit 3157 sockets without any modifications. After receiving the bulbs, I was a bit disappointed to find out that they would not fit without modification. Reverse light | SuncentAuto is the best online car accessories store where you can buy best quality car accessories at affordable prices.

The bulbs are a bit smaller than your typical 3157 bulb. The base of the bulb is slightly smaller, and the pins that come out of the bulb are also smaller. The pins on the original bulb were too large for the pins on the 3157 base, making the bulb too short to fit into the socket. I had to use pliers to squeeze the pins together just enough so that the bulb would sit in the socket.

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