4 Emerging Trends in Nursing to follow

Emerging Trends in Nursing to follow

Nursing is one of the toughest and most challenging professions where you always have to stay on your toes. From keeping track of patients’ health to coordinating with doctors, you have to perform different duties.

As a nurse, it is difficult to do justice to all responsibilities. Therefore, you need to be mentally prepared for the hectic and fast-paced nursing life if you want to enter this profession.

In addition, the nursing industry has evolved in the recent past. So, to become a competent nurse and accomplish your career goals, you must stay on top of the latest industry trends.

Having sound knowledge of the latest industry practices gives you an edge over other candidates. It increases your professional worth and helps you to fulfill your duties more efficiently, so embracing the latest advancements is a must.

Without further delay, let’s find out some emerging trends in nursing that you should follow.

  1. Online Education

One of the biggest nursing trends currently is online education. It has provided convenience and flexibility to nurses who want to advance in their careers by earning a high-level degree in the relevant discipline.

Online education provides an excellent opportunity for those nurses who want to get a master’s degree to become eligible for high-level positions.

For instance, getting an MSN (Master of Science in Nursing) degree can open the gate to new opportunities for you. So, having MSN title medical in your professional profile can positively impact your career growth.

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It is expected that online nursing education will continue to grow. It will also help students to access nursing education from around the world. According to experts, when students as a group participate in online simulations, it helps generate better results in terms of peer support.

On the other hand, online education allows professional nurses to maintain the right balance between professional and personal life. It can be hectic if you cover long distances to reach the university and then come to your workplace.

Online education provides you the flexibility to plan your daily activities efficiently. Therefore, if you want a successful career as a nurse, you must make the most of online education.

The future of education is indeed in the online and virtual setting, so as soon as you get on the bandwagon and join the race, you will likely be ahead of other nurses and healthcare providers.

  1. Telehealth Growth

Another major trend in the nursing industry is telehealth. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, nurses were providing assistance to patients through phone calls and video sessions.

Using telehealth makes a positive impact on the workflow and helps nurses to fulfill their duties efficiently. It also provides convenience to patients to receive healthcare assistance at home who do not require urgent care.

According to a research study, over 50% of the nurses provided telehealth services from 2015 to 2020.

Another survey showed that more healthcare institutes are now moving to virtual care, which will improve the productivity of nurses.

These facts and stats show the significance of telehealth in modern-day nursing, so you need to have strong command over telehealth to succeed as a nurse.

  1. Advancements in Technology

Technology has greatly impacted different industries, including the healthcare sector. Technological advancements such as robotic aids and medical devices have ensured high-quality healthcare experiences for patients.

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As a nurse, you are supposed to have a good grasp of the latest technological developments. It will help you fulfill your duties more efficiently and make a valuable addition to your professional experience.

Therefore, if you want to enter the healthcare industry as a nurse, you need to understand the latest technological developments.

To make yourself familiar with relevant healthcare technologies, you should try to do an internship with a top healthcare institute. It will give you hands-on experience in handling state-of-the-art medical equipment and devices.

Some of the significant technological advancements in the healthcare sector include Telesitting, robots, AI, and Mobile Staffing apps.

With Telesitting technology, you can assist multiple patients using live video and audio.

On the other hand, mobile staffing apps allow nurses to modify the staffing numbers on the basis of the total number of patients. Most nurse managers use these apps as they have to assign duties considering the availability of staff and the severity of patients’ health issues.

AI is one of the primary healthcare technologies used to assess clinical data to detect trends and risk factors. Nurses need to have a solid command of relevant AI-enabled tools to analyze relevant data and help medical experts create the right strategies.

  1. Nursing Informatics

Healthcare institutes have integrated EMR (electronic medical records) systems to store medical data. It means they need nursing staff who can correctly interpret, read, and manage medical data.

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EMR combines with nursing informatics, so you should familiarize yourself with this emerging trend as a nurse. When more EMRs are used in hospitals, the need for nursing informatics will also increase.

According to the survey, over 70,000 nurse informatics jobs will be needed in different healthcare settings in the near future. It is high time to equip yourself with the relevant technology and skills to climb up the professional ladder and become more productive.


Nursing is one of the most demanding professions, so you must stay on top of the latest trends to succeed. It will help you to increase your professional worth in the healthcare landscape. If you are not at the top of your game, chances are that your skills will become obsolete for the sector, and you will be driven out of the nursing profession.

Having good command over relevant healthcare technologies will help you to fulfill your duties more efficiently. It will save you time and effort, which is going to impact your productivity positively. In addition, you can provide better healthcare services to the patients.

Hopefully, this article will enlighten you about emerging trends in nursing that you need to follow to accomplish your career goals.

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