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Tech Talent

In the digital world, the tech industry is one of many that is thriving. The demand for experienced and adept talent in technology is at its peak. Due to the increasing number of technological advances being made, the number continues to grow. But as the requirement for skilled talent increases, so does the warring competition between tech companies. Therefore, the question arises as to how to pick out new hires who are adept at their job. Who is an asset to your company?

Well, worry not! In this article, we will discuss tips and techniques that will aid you in hiring new employees with both skills and accomplishments in their field because we know that hiring the best techies can indeed prove to be quite a challenge.

Define your candidate’s profile

Hiring the best coders in town can prove to be quite tricky. Given that they are high in demand and those with proper skills, companies are snatching up quickly. So you will want to act fast; by that, we mean you’ll have 8 to 10 days tops to make your pitch. To prepare yourself, you need a solid candidate persona.

What is a candidate persona? Well, think of it as a character who possesses all the qualities you require in a developer. That is, an ideal developer. So how do you build a character persona? Keep reading to find out!

First, you must clarify what you want and what you’re looking for. Questions like, who are we looking for, for the job opening? What set of technology skills does this person need to possess? Do they have a considerable amount of experience? Do they need the experience to apply for this job? These questions can clear up a few of the details.

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Understand what traits you want your character (and eventually the hire) to have. In addition to technical proficiency, other soft skills are also necessary. An assortment of skills like critical and analytical thinking, passion, intellectual curiosity, and agility should also be considered. When hiring new employees, many companies consider these personality traits.

And their interests as well. Suppose you are a gaming company making games based on the Star Wars universe. In that case, you should hire someone who is a fan of the movies or its general lore, as the passion and love they will have will be unparalleled to any other, which will improve your ratings and production rate.

Find the right places to advertise job openings

How can top-tier talent be found with fewer and fewer talent pools in the market and increasing competition between companies? In every case, the most uncomplicated plans are the best. By forgoing traditional hiring methods, you save time and money. It will help if you throw your net wider. An example is LinkedIn, which is probably the most popular site for job hiring, hunting, etc. Statistics show that 87% of recruiters use it for hire. But since everyone knows about it, it means everyone is on it. As a result, you’ll be less likely to discover the most suitable candidates with the skills you need.

Let us start at the beginning. Add a brief but friendly post about job hiring. The more appealing you make, the more likely people are to respond. Use social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. If you’re more determined, you can create a video explaining what you require in the job or show the environment of the company and its daily dealings. Amazon uses this technique a lot.

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Ask other staff members to post their own experiences or simply relay the information you provide. The information will spread more quickly this way. The more people are aware of your job openings and the more they talk about it, the greater chance of you finding someone of considerable talent.

Job descriptions in detail

If you want to attract serious talent, you need to give a detailed job description of what you require. There is a difference between a good job description and an overdone one. Give yourself a word limit. It is sufficient to convey your message in between 600 and 700 words. So a degree of concision is necessary. You want to have an excellent first impression. Be careful not to scare them away with a plethora of requirements! (Kidding, but seriously don’t do that)

Clearly state the requirements of your job. What people are to expect in terms of the skills needed and the responsibilities it entails. Include things like what type of technology the company uses, and if there are any necessary tools they need to know how to operate.

A rule of thumb for writing job descriptions is to hire for values, not just skills. A crucial point is often overlooked but cannot be understated: hire for deals, not just skills. Companies often focus too much on technical skills when writing job descriptions instead of their employees’ values and behaviors.

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Showcase your company culture

In a world where the preservation of culture is highly regarded, it is crucial to highlight your own so potential candidates can picture the workplace in which they will thrive and survive. Make it clear why getting a job at your company is worthwhile.

Things like flexible hours, multiple options for telecommunication, and financial support greatly appeal to people, especially when job hunting. Wield those advantages wisely, as stats show that 66% of candidates consider the company’s culture before deciding whether to join it.

Moreover, it is essential to remember that tech engineers prefer businesses that share their values. Candidates can imagine working long-term at a company showcasing these values through culture. If you want to attract and retain top tech talent, it’s worth the effort to emphasize what makes your company unique.

Final Words

In short, recruiting tech talent in today’s market isn’t so much a question of whether you’ll need them, but rather you can afford not to. You can ensure your company’s competitiveness by hiring engineers of the highest caliber.

Hiring tech talent can be challenging, especially if you don’t know where to look. We hope you now have a clear picture of how to begin hiring. Good luck! May the Best Tech Force be with you!

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