5 Best Sites to Discover Who Called Me From This Number

What Is Reverse Phone Lookup

Have you ever received a call from an unknown number or come across a number you are not familiar with, yet it is in your possession? This article gives you a couple of sites you could use to do just that.

Indeed, technology has turned the entire world into a digital village. Communication has become ever more instantaneous than ever before. One major factor contributing to effective communication is the identity of those communicating. It is, therefore, important to be aware of who made a call to your phone at any given time.

Your unidentified caller does not have to be a mystery anymore. With the help of a reverse phone lookup site, you can answer the question, “Who called me from this phone number?”

How to Know Who Called Me on This Number

It is a common scenario to receive unknown phone calls. Luckily, there are several ways to discover who called from a certain unknown number. One way of doing this is by performing a reverse phone lookup. While multiple sites offer this service, not all of them can be relied on to deliver accurate results. This is because some third parties are more incentivized by profit and personal data collection than providing the requested information. Fortunately, you can use WhoseNumber. It allows you to discover who is calling you with an unknown number.

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How Does Reverse Phone Lookup Work?

Reverse phone lookup works by prompting a site offering the service to provide the identity linked to a particular phone number. You only require a particular phone number to a reverse phone lookup site, and a search is automatically done to identify the owner of that number.

Here are sites that can help you discover who called me:

WhoseNumber: The best sites to answer the question, “who is calling me from this number?”

NumLooker: This site will help you identify your caller and more information about them.

UsPhoneLookup: Help you discover who is calling you with a U.S phone number WhatIsThisNumber: This site utilizes reverse phone lookup techniques to establish the identity of a particular unknown phone number.

PhoneNumber: A site that can identify a caller behind an unknown number.


You can discover who called you with WhoseNumber. This site has established itself as one of the most reliable and used sites while trying to discover who called with WhoseNumber. Considering the numerous reasons you might need to use a reverse phone lookup service, this site provides a quick and efficient way to find out the owner of a number before deciding to call back or otherwise.

Opening the site, whosenumber.com takes you to a straightforward site that only requires a phone number to perform a person’s search for the person or entity directly linked to the number. It is simple, user-friendly, and requires no personal information to request the identity of a caller.


There are several reasons behind finding out who is calling from a number using this site. These reasons include avoiding those irritating telemarketers, calling back after missing a potentially important call, keeping tabs on potential stalkers, and sometimes just screening calls. Whatever the reason might be, this site provides you with the perfect platform to be adequately informed.


Another well-renowned site to check out would be the NumLooker. This site offers a wealth of information about the owner of a particular phone number. While it might be enough to simply discover who called from a particular number, some occasions might necessitate finding out a little bit more details about the owner of the phone number in question.

Some of the important details that can be acquired through this site include the following:

  • Driving license details
  • Educational details
  • Financial details
  • Criminal record


This person’s lookup site considers some of the most rampant online security breaches that inevitably lead to phone numbers being made available to various parties. The possibility of some of these parties maliciously using acquired phone numbers validates the use of this site to discover who called you from a particular number.

Offering this service completely free, the UsPhoneLookup site can help you discover who called from a particular number using reverse phone lookup. Information on social media activity regarding your mystery caller might also be provided as an informational bonus.


Boasting over 12.5million searches this year, this reverse phone lookup site has proven its ability to help you discover who called you from a given number. Users of this site get to take control of situations where callers are not identified before picking up their calls. WhatIsThisNumber only needs a couple of minutes to extract information regarding your mystery caller after simply keying in a phone number.

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It is as simple as the name suggests. All you would need is that one phone number you can’t seem to know who it belongs to. Receiving calls from unknown sources can be annoying and sometimes disorienting. It is convenient to be adequately aware of who is calling you from a particular number before deciding whether to pick up the call, return a call or block a phone number altogether.

PhoneNumber can also be used for various other purposes, including taking safety measures from stalkers and being used by police officers while tracking persons of interest.


It can mean anything when an unknown number pops up on your phone. Whether it is for security or to satisfy simple curiosity, discovering who called from whose number or who called from this phone number is as important as the message being communicated. With the availability of several sites to help you do just that, it is now possible to demystify the identity of the person behind the call.

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