5 Facts Everyone Should Know About Bifold Closet Doors

Bifold Closet Doors

Bi-fold doors got a bad name in the late 20th century because they were poorly made and not well thought out. We want to bring this unused partition back to life. Why do we care? Simply put, you can’t say enough good things about the beautiful custom bifold closet doors. If they are well-made and designed, they can make a big difference in your room’s appearance.

The 5 Good Things About Bi-Fold Doors


Bi-folding doors don’t slide like normal doors; instead, they open up like an accordion. The panels don’t open in a normal way, like swinging out, sliding down the side, or disappearing into a hole. Most older bi-folding doors were made of cheap wood, which gave them a bad reputation. On the other hand, modern versions use stronger materials like tempered glass.

Nice Big Opening

Unlike regular doors, bi-folding doors can be opened in two ways: by folding or sliding. This makes a large opening and makes it easy to get to the other side. Because of this, you should hang them on the big walls in your living room, foyer, or main bedroom. Bi-fold doors are the most convenient and useful choice for long, narrow closets.

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Don’t take up too much room.

The glass bi-folding doors from Space Plus are stylish and good at saving Space. Even though they aren’t as hidden as pocket doors, the extra space they give you over regular sliding doors makes up for that. This kind of door is great for places like closets, mudrooms, and laundry rooms where limited Space but full access is needed.

Brighten any space

Glass doors let natural light flow freely from one room to the next. Since bi-folding doors often take up an entire wall, they can change the look of a room in a big way. In short, bi-folding glass doors can completely change a dark area into one that is bright and airy.

Perfect for Closets

Most of the time, bifold doors are found on storage closets. Bifold doors are better than sliding doors because you can see everything inside. Sliding doors only let you see half of the closet at a time. You can make your closet door down to the size, type of glass, and frame.

Easy to use and safe

All you have to do is slide them apart. Everything is clear! One of the benefits of the Space Plus upgrade is that the doors don’t pinch your fingers. Our doors have a feature that keeps your fingers from getting caught in the folds, so your hands won’t get stuck like they would if they were made like the old ones. Lastly, our doors don’t have to be held up by bottom tracks or any heavy wooden frame. We don’t use screws or nails to hold up our panels. Instead, we use pivots and higher wheels. Because of this, you can count on their safety and ease of use.

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Bifold doors come in many sizes and materials, from glass to closet doors. U.S. Door & More Inc. is known for selling doors in sizes that aren’t common, so we can easily change them to fit your Space. Our wide range of products makes designing a truly unique home easier than ever. Place an order right now to get the help that fits your needs.

Our wide range of bi-fold doors and other folding door sizes are sure to match any existing home, business, or industrial building. Our in-house workshop can work with almost any kind of doorway. U.S. Door & More Inc. can easily take orders with a wide range of changes and sizes that aren’t standard. Any combination of our brands can be shipped to you before you pay for them. Also, your custom-made order could be on its way to you in days, not months. U.S. Door & More, Inc. tries to give fast service so that you can get your questions answered and your needs met quickly.

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