8 Tips To Increase Life Expectancy

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In today’s fast-paced world, an overwhelming majority of people are trying to put their health first. To lead a long and fulfilling life, they are investing more in their health as they truly value their beautiful life. After all, life is all about living in the moment and cherishing every bit of it. However, without a healthy body, mind, and soul, making memories becomes a challenge.

Now, the main question is whether you want to know the secret to increasing your life expectancy or not. Just like everyone else, you must have thought about increasing your life span.

Even though scientists are still discovering a real fountain of youth, experts have identified some healthy habits that can increase your lifespan. Their research has produced beguiling new hints regarding the biology of aging. Evidence-based recommendations include eating well, getting sufficient sleep, exercising consistently, resisting excessive use of drugs or alcohol, and eliminating other poor habits from your life. All these recommendations are still the healthiest ways to increase your chances of living a long and fruitful life which are later discussed in detail.

Similarly, the healthcare sector has advanced even further, encouraging more people to consult nutritionists and healthcare professionals to enhance their everyday lifestyles. Moreover, medical experts work for the welfare of society, raising public health awareness among people every passing second.

Furthermore, most people now have access to a public healthcare educator who can provide guidance on how to lead a healthy life physically and mentally. A public healthcare educator not only cares about the well-being of individuals but educates them about changing their everyday lifestyles to live a long healthy life.

So, how can you increase your life expectancy by modifying your life a little? Here are some amazing tips to increase your life expectancy.

Scientists have revealed that your life expectancy is somehow related to your DNA as your chromosomal ends shorten when you grow older. You are more likely to get affected by certain diseases; however, lifestyle interventions like counseling, a healthy diet, stress management, etc. can boost your enzyme growth. And as a result, the aging process is delayed at the cellular level. If you want to protect your DNA and follow the scientific approach to increasing your life, consult a professional immediately.

  • Avoid overeating:

You are what you eat, and if your body does not have healthy and proper meals on time, it might stop functioning earlier. Keeping your calorie intake in check plays an essential part in improving your health. If you have a sedentary lifestyle, choosing a lifestyle with low-calorie intake can help you burn some extra pounds and remain fit. A generous diet involving proteins and healthy fats can also do wonders for someone who enjoys being more physical in life. No matter how active you are, there is no point in overeating or binge eating. Overeating will only put more stress on your body and lead to severe health issues over time.

  • Go outside and get some sunlight:

You can simply increase your life expectancy by going outside. Taking a break from indoor activities and going out in the morning and evening plays a major role in enhancing your life. As the sunlight enriched with Vitamin D reaches your body, you get to avail several health benefits from it. Vitamin D is a prohormone responsible for the health of bones. It regulates the amounts of calcium and phosphate, eliminating many diseases like hypertension, diabetes, cancer, glucose intolerance, etc. A lack of vitamins can cause more problems over your lifetime and might also lower your life expectancy. Therefore, increasing your Vitamin D and going outside your house will only benefit you further.

  • Exercise:

Exercising at least thrice a week is one of the most important factors in increasing your life expectancy. Studies have claimed that the person who exercises daily for 45 to 90 minutes is more likely to have nine years of younger DNA and cells than the person who remains inactive. It is crucial for every human to perform physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day. If you cannot even do that, try walking as this is the easiest thing you can do to maintain a healthy life.

  • Have fun with your gathering:

It is scientifically proven that a person with a healthy social life is more likely to come out of depression and traumas affecting them. Enjoying more time with your friends and family can boost happiness and reduce stress. Consequently, people with no friends tend to suffer more from depression, anxiety, and other mental issues. They also become socially awkward and shut themselves down completely because they are alone most of the time, which can decrease their life expectancy. Therefore, staying happy and content with your loved ones is not only good for your mental well-being but your physical health as well. Start by attending family gatherings and keep a tab on your family and friends from time to time. Not only is it a getaway to happiness from the rather chaotic everyday life, but it also brings lasting joy to the soul.

  • Say no to smoking:

We all know that quitting and avoiding smoking is beneficial for our life and body. But do you know how much it can extend your life? It may shock you. Quitting smoking at the age of 30 can prolong your life by up to 8 to 9 years. Additionally, refraining from smoking can prevent you from getting lung cancer, heart disease, strokes, diabetes, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

  • Follow a balanced diet:

Consuming large amounts of plant-based foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and beans may reduce the chances of early death and lower the risk of cancer, metabolic syndrome, and brain deterioration. As mentioned above, good fats and proteins can be beneficial if you follow the mindful eating approach. Under mindful eating, you are conscious about what you consume throughout the day. You ensure that the food you are consuming is good for your health or not. By following this advice, you can control your weight and easily increase your life expectancy.

  • Avoid getting stressed:

Stress and anxiety severely shorten your life. According to studies, women are more likely to get stressed, so they have a three times higher death rate than males. Laughter and positivity are two crucial components of curing stress. If you suffer from overthinking and cannot control your stress levels, it is best to consult a professional for stress management.

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Bottom line:

You can learn the secret of healthy aging by increasing your mental, physical, and social engagement in life. It is not about completely changing your life to deceive aging, but to age more confidently and live your life to the fullest. The more you follow these tips, the more likely you are to remain healthy even after reaching your 70s.

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