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Alan Keating

Do you want to know Who is Alan Keating? what does he do for a living? What isAlan Keating’s Net Worth? Well worry not all your queries about Alan Keating and his net worth is cleared in this article.

Alan Keating is an American experienced poker player from Bloomfield Hills, US. Keating was born in 1990, in Dublin, Ireland. He is well known for his World Series of Poker representation because Alan has maintained his personal life secret. In 2007, World Series of alan keating poker event 15 of No-Limit Hold’em and wins $3,408 , he appeared in the limelight. Alan Keating has been in the casino world for so many years. Now he is the US Structured Finance in the Finance and Capital Markets Department.

In an interview, Alan tells that he generally observed people’s actions and then figure out their next move. He has strong observation skills and that is why he barely makes a mistake about the next move of his opponent. Today we are going to find out more about Alan Keating Life, Career, and Net Worth. All the data collected from a reputed website


Alan Keating came out on the WSOP important occasion winning $58,570 and after that in the No-Limit Hold’em, Championship Winning, after his debut 2007 WSOP championship. 2009 is the luckiest year for Keating in his whole career. Alan came out in the No-Limit Hold’em 40th Annual World Series of Poker Winning $ 14,1413. And then he won $9,015 with an overall ranking no. 5 in his coming No-Limit Hold’em Championship in Bellagio Summer Dailies.

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Between 2010 to 2015, He continued to come out in the WSOP and every time won some money. Alan made the most of his capital in the 41st Annual World Series of Poker winning $41,967 in 2010. And he made his least earning in the 43rd Annual World Series of Poker winning  $42,767 in 2012. And in the 44th Annual World Series of Poker, he made $21,495 in 2013 and after 2 years in 2015, he won $21,074.

Lately, in 2022, he suffered a big loss in the industry of global poker after losing a $100/$200 No-Limit Hold’em cash game. He mostly plays in Hustler Casino Live events but he amazed his many fans when he lost $1.1million at an inexperienced-filled table. He made a few strange plays like using (4-Hearts) (9-Spades) to place a three-bet jam to $154,600. Alexandra Botez and MrBeast excel at Hustler Casino Live Game, meanwhile, Alan loses $1.1 million.

Awards And Achievement

People always seek advice from Alan because of his unique gaming skills. Alan’s winning over the last years beat a fair amount of $1,500,000. The gambling game has changed Alan’s whole life. In 2015, one of his main everlasting wins was opposed to David Sacks. Keating defeat David to win $250,000 in a multi-table event.

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Personal Life

Alan Keating was born in Silver Spring, Maryland, and gained his degree in psychology from the University of Mayland. Alan also worked in mental health care for 6 years before going back to Essex College as a Physician Assistant.

Alan Keating is a quite private person and has not revealed anything regarding his personal life to the people. We have gathered some information about him and according to this information, Alan is not currently dating anyone. He is concentrated on his profession.

Alan Keating Net Worth – How did alan keating make his money?

As of 2020, Alan Alan Keating net worth is $3 million.  He has been playing gambling games for ten years. In Alan’s whole career, he has made $239,711 cash in gambling match-winning but has not ever won a whole tournament.  A lot of websites have declared that he is a “Poker Nobody.” Nevertheless, Alan Keating is a high-stakes cash game gambler and famous for his gambling techniques.

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