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There are numerous websites, travel companies, as well as other middlemen that provide vacations and hotel reservations for every resort in the globe. But what distinguishes arranging your vacation through a middleman from doing so directly via a resort website like There seem to be numerous advantages to direct booking for guests that you may not have considered; we’ll list them below.

Learn About Special Offers

Take advantage of incredible deals that are only available at H2O Resort. The best member pricing is available when you book directly, and you’ll also find a variety of packages that let visitors visit more of our accommodations and resorts. Whether you’re searching for an all-inclusive vacation to the Maldives, a peaceful wellness program with massage services and an in-room health club, a long-stay workcation, or even a private swimming pool villa retreat in beach towns around Thailand, H2O Resort seems to be the Location to Be. Regardless of your travel preferences, our special deals, which are continually curated, highlight the finest of our resorts, restaurants, and places, so you can take a relaxing vacation at the greatest price.

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Direct Booking Will Save You Cash

You’re not the only one who thinks, lifting an eyebrow just now in skepticism. Throughout the past, publicized hotel prices were higher than those provided by travel agents. But increasingly, hotels and resorts, and property owners have realized that encouraging direct booking by mirroring or even lowering rates relative to travel companies can increase revenue. For instance, people who book online with Starwood Hotels and Resorts, the sizable hotel chain that owns St. Regis and Westin, will receive a “best interest rate guarantee.” While Four Seasons cannot promise the lowest cost, they do give generous discounts to users who enjoy or want their social media posts. Book with confidence because most hotel companies include a “Best Rate Assurance.”

Accountability in Case of Mistakes

The headlines are rife with reports of air travelers who spend hours trying to reach a person who can assist them in arranging timetables for missed planes, refunds for canceled flights, etc. The same thing may occur when a third party helps you make your hotel reservation. Although it seems cheesy, what happens when the buck stops? Consider how much simpler it’s going to be to place one phone conversation as well as start to resolve whatever the current issue is because you purchased the resort with the desk agent. The hotel is where the buck stops, figuratively.

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Price-Match Promise

Although online travel agencies claim to offer the lowest prices, it’s possible that they don’t include the fees, service fees, or other extras that are included in accommodation rates. The absolute cheapest or most attractive rooms that a hotel or vacation resort has to provide are typically those that are listed on these websites. Ports of Call is one of the majority of hotels that will match any internet rate, especially for returning visitors. It could be worthwhile to check with our bookings office if you believe you have discovered a better deal elsewhere.

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