Braces vs Aligners

Braces vs Aligners

In the world of dentistry, there are two things that you can use for getting your smile all symmetrical and having straight teeth orientation. One of these is braces and the other, Aligners.

Braces are the traditional equipment consisting of metal wires and rubber bands attached to your teeth with the help of small brackets. They keep your teeth in the correct position and fix their alignment by force.

Aligners are the new age braces which are made up of clear plastic, porcelain or metal. These are custom made to fit your teeth according to their shape. It come as a set with each piece of aligners, moving a step towards the final position of the teeth.

To understand which one of these is better than the other, here we have the advantages and disadvantages of these equipment’s, mentioned below.



Appearance: many patients don’t like to look any different with braces. Aligners are less noticeable, can be made with clear plastic or porcelain to make your smile look the same

Diet: unlike braces, aligners don’t restrict you from eating nay type of food. You can remove the aligners and eat everything you want.

Hygiene: aligners are removable, therefore, you can easily remove them and clean your teeth appropriately without any wires of bands in your way.

Appointments: the tooth movement is preplanned by the dentist and the orthodontist. These movements are then executed by the aligners as they put pressure accordingly on the teeth. Aligners come in sets that are made to provide the planned motion. This is a big advantage for those who are unable to pay regular visits to their dentist

Comfort: if we consider the level of comfort provided by the aligners, it is much more than that of a set of braces. Braces have brackets and bands that damage the internal lining of your oral cavity. The teeth however are still sensitive but pain and bother you much less than that of the braces.


Compliance: aligners are to be worn at least 22 hours a day. This leaves the window for eating your meals only. Aligners need to be removed for eating and cleaning. Some patients may find it difficult to do this in public if they feel shy or embarrassed about it.

Effectiveness: one drawback of aligners is that of their effectiveness. They can treat most cases but are unable to fix the ones that are complex or require a greater intensity. Here, we use braces instead of aligners.

Cost: In some cases, the cost of aligners can be more or sometimes, equal to braces. Your doctor can discuss the cost of your options before you decide.



Versatile: aligners are a more specific tool for teeth alignment whereas braces can be used in all cases.

Variety: braces give you numerous options based on the design, strength and quality. You can even choose the colors and can accessorize them

Compliance: since you cannot remove the braces until your treatment is complete, you don’t have to worry about keeping them on. This can be very effective given the duration and consistency.


Hygiene: this equipment consists of different types of wires and bands that require special attention to keep them clean. It can be much more challenging compared to aligners.

Selective Diet: having stick on brackets, braces make you avoid a few types of food. Taking bigger chunks of any dish, or eating a burger can be challenging for people with braces. If you try, you may break the wire, or the brackets. Therefore, dentists restrict their patients from eating any such food.

Discomfort: if we compare aligners to braces, braces cause more discomfort due to the pointy brackets and steel wire inserted.

Consult a doctor

For having more clarity about your decision, consult a doctor. You can easily find a dentist in Lahore and all the other doctors in Pakistan with the help of Oladoc.

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