Can I claim for repetitive strain injury?

The term “repetitive strain injury” (RSI) refers to pain brought on by the repeated movement of a physical component. Although it typically gets better on its own, there are several steps you may do to speed up your recovery. You might feel pain as a burning, aching, or throbbing sensation, along with stiffness, weakness, cramps in your muscles, and inflammation. Any part of the body might sustain a repetitive strain injury (RSI). However, the shoulders, elbows, forearms, wrists, hands, and fingers are where it most frequently manifests itself.

You might be eligible to sue your company for an RSI settlement if your symptoms are the result of poor working conditions. If you believe your employer is to fault for your repetitive strain injury, make an appointment for a free consultation first. You can speak with a personal injury lawyer in Americus.

If you take your employer to court, you are legally shielded against unfair treatment or being fired. You can still file an RSI claim for compensation against your previous employer even if they are no longer in business as long as you have a case. After that, you’ll start accumulating proof to back up your assertion. Medical costs, lost pay, and pain and suffering will all be adequately paid.

Who is eligible to file a repetitive strain injury claim?

Employees that repeatedly use the same movement over long periods of time, causing RSI, make up the majority of victims. The symptoms of repetitive strain injury affect office workers the most, especially those who spend the most of their workdays typing on a computer.

The two key tasks you must complete in order to submit an RSI claim are:

  1. Show that your employer violated their obligation to take reasonable steps to keep you safe.
  2. Show that your repetitive strain injury was brought on by these careless work procedures.

Both of the aforementioned conditions must be met for your RSI claim to be successful. If you have RSI but cannot demonstrate that your employer’s negligence caused it, your case may not be strong, and your chances of receiving compensation have decreased.

Giving convincing evidence that your employer caused your RSI, for instance, can demonstrate employer negligence.

  • You don’t take breaks while working on your computer for extended periods of time.
  • Poorly constructed or non-ergonomic desks and chairs encourage slumping when at a desk.
  • long amounts of time working continuously at monotonous jobs like data entry.
  • The joints are placed through unnecessary strain in a messy or confined workspace.
  • inadequate or nonexistent instruction on safe workplace practices.

Which professions can file RSI claims?

The following occupations are eligible for RSI claims:

Occupational Staff Claim RSI

There are several places where we may observe how technology is affecting us and how it might result in RSIs. Even so, it might be most obvious among office workers, especially those who work with computers. Women who had previously worked as secretaries or typewriters were likely the ones who first developed RSIs.

Trade jobs: Recover RSI

Plumbers and electricians frequently spend hours in uncomfortable positions while standing or crouching to solve problems. It is simple to comprehend how RSI may manifest in people who perform this repetitively for hours on end. Repetitive strain injury could develop while working in a trade (RSI).

An RSI can be caused by constantly lifting large objects, working in difficult environments, and frequently performing the same task for an extended amount of time.

Medical personnel report RSI.

In the medical industry, long hours and challenging circumstances are typical. As the population ages and the obesity issue affects more people, this effort has become more challenging. The ideal treatment for developing RSI is this everyday, repetitive tension on the back and legs.

Stock and grocery clerks file RSI claims.

Stock clerks in grocery shops are frequently compelled to work for extended periods of time in uncomfortable positions, frequently with their arms raised above their heads. The recurrence of replenishing the shelves is what creates RSI, not the stocking of the shelves itself.

Domestic helpers and cleaning employees file RSI claims.

Over time, RSI can develop as a result of repetitive cleaning and mopping tasks that are often performed on hands and knees. Cleaning the floors in your building, your child’s school, the mall, or a restaurant requires a lot of wrist and arm motion. The same goes for hotel cleaning staff, who frequently have to make hundreds of beds and clean sinks, tubs, and toilets.


Numerous additional professions, including musicians and hairdressers and welders, are susceptible to RSI. If you find yourself in this situation, you should gather all of your medical records as proof of your damage and notify your attorney. You will be led more effectively by an experienced lawyer. Next, speak with your doctor and seek your lawyer for assistance. Your personal injury lawyer in Americus can help you and work with the insurance company to get you the most money possible.

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