Comparing Hexolit32 12 Gauge Ammo Vs Regular Buckshot

Hexolit 32 12 gauge ammo

When you’re going after larger prey armed with a shotgun, you need to have it loaded with the appropriate cartridges. If you’re going after birds and small varmints, then regular birdshot and buckshot will take down bigger prey and humans. But what about when considering it to Hexolit32 12 gauge ammo?

Known as shotgun slugs, they offer advantages to the shooter. Before we explain what they are, let’s take a look at regular buckshot and how it behaves. 

What Regular Buckshot Offers 

Aside from Hexolit32 12 gauge ammo, buckshot represents the largest kind of shot that you’ll typically find loaded into shotgun shells. Offered in a range of variations, each cartridge typically contains at least 9 pellets, and when it’s shot, it produces a pattern that increases in size the further it travels. This is known as the spread

This is a good thing in terms of accuracy, as you’ll almost certainly hit targets that are within 30 yards or so. That said, it does come at a cost as it means your long-range efficacy will be somewhat limited. Another issue relates to penetration, as small shot pellets aren’t great at it. This is a problem if you’re hunting game with tougher skin. 

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However, at short range, the power available is considerable. It’s not terribly versatile as a round, but buckshot is rather good at what it does in the right scenario.

What About Hexolit32 12 Gauge Ammo?

On the flip side, you have buckshot slugs, which feature a bullet-like projectile that can be used with shotguns. As you might imagine, using a shotgun shell that features a slug at the end is going to give you better long-range accuracy than one filled with pellets.

While buckshot might only be good up to 30 yards, slugs like these can easily handle hitting a target as far away as 75 years. Furthermore, if you use a shotgun with a length akin to a rifle, you can achieve good accuracy over even longer distances. 

Of course, shotgun slugs aren’t going to come close to what a centerfire rifle will be able to give you, but it will greatly extend your shotgun range – sometimes by a factor of 3 or 4! 

Big Slugs Cause More Damage 

What you have to remember is that shotgun slugs are typically much larger than a regular rifle bullet, which essentially means that it’s going to leave rather a large hole in anything it strikes. 

Also, being significantly heavier than regular bullets means they’re more adept at retaining energy, allowing them to produce even more penetration – at least when compared to buckshot. Combine this with the increased accuracy, and you can see why slugs are the preferred option over longer distances. 

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Hexolit32 12 Gauge Ammo or Buckshot?

The ultimate decision on whether to use shotgun slugs or buckshot comes down to application. If you’re hunting over longer distances with a shotgun, it has to be slugs, and then there’s the fact that you’re not even allowed to use buckshot for larger game in some states. 

If it’s a close-quarters kill you’re after, it’s buckshot, but in most other hunting scenarios, we’d seriously recommend slugs for the good of the animal and your success.

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