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 As the new academy time begins, 안전놀이터 is frequently a concern and the content of modifying the terrain by painting discrepancy colors on poles or way may be a content of discussion. Should the pukka exposure and Mobility Specialist( COMS) request variations to the playground outfit if your child/ pupil has low vision? 

Some will say no, because playgrounds in public areas won’t all have analogous variations. That’s clearly true. Parents still, can choose to take their children to public playgrounds when they aren’t crowded, and take time to acquaint their child, especially if it’s a new playground to their child. 

 The answer to this question is grounded on numerous factors including, but not limited too – the quantum of vision, impact of light, lighting conditions, discrepancy considerations similar as the color of the outfit relative to the background or the speed of the child. It’s important to suppose about academy recess time and its purpose of furnishing a break, along with exercise and socialtime.

However, are we furnishing a true break? 

 If a child with low vision must “ work ” on using his/ her residual vision. 

 numerous youthful children, with or without low vision, have reported that they like the painted highlights in their playground. It frequently enables all children the capability to snappily see an edge or drop- off, especially while playing alongside moving peers. 

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 generally, drop- offs, stairs, and any other low differing outfit should be stressed. After entering authorization from the academy star, the COMS can work with the custodial staff who use parking lot makeup or differing tape recording to punctuate the outfit. The prints below show exemplifications. 

 The tableware poles of swing structures are frequently delicate to see, especially when there’s light. Using makeup to give discrepancy can increase visibility. In the picture below – a newer swing set is bright blue with good discrepancy while the tableware swing set was given a fleece of unheroic makeup to increase discrepancy to the background terrain, making it more visible. 

 Two swing sets sitting side by side. The focus swing set poles are painted in bold blue. The tableware poles of the swing set in background is painted with bright unheroic partial way up each pole to increase visual discrepancy. 

 Tape recording or makeup was added to the edges of each step of this brightly colored jungle spa. The makeup and tape recording give discrepancy and increases visibility for children running over or down and around the outfit. 안전놀이터 jungle spa with stair edges painted in unheroic. The rails and bars in bold red or blue. 

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