Everything You Must Know About PMP Certification Requirements

PMP Certification Requirements

This blog will go through the PMP prerequisites, also known as the PMP Certification Requirements, that you must meet to register for the PMP certification test. Let’s first discuss the PMP certification itself before discussing the test criteria. The Project Management Professional (PMP) designation is given to those who have completed the PMP certification test by the Project Management Institute. The project management sector’s most coveted and renowned accreditation is this one online quran tajweed classes.

Many organizations require this certification to hire candidates, and polls have shown that PMP holders make, on average, 20% more than non-holders. Professionals are encouraged to take the test since the PMP certification is becoming more and more valuable. To determine whether you are qualified to apply for the PMP test, you must comprehend the eligibility requirements. 

PMP Prerequisites

You must meet one of the three requirements encompassing the following eligibility requirements before you can apply for the PMP exam:

  • Education
  • Project Management Education 
  • Project Management Experience


  • Secondary education (a high school diploma, an associate’s degree, or an equivalent qualification internationally)
  • Experience in project management: A minimum of five years, or 60 months, of distinct, non-overlapping professional experience.
  • Unless you are a current CAPM holder, you must complete 35 contact hours of formal instruction in project management.


  • Background in education: Bachelor’s degree or it is equivalent worldwide, is obtained after four years.
  • A minimum of three years, or 36 months, of distinct, non-overlapping professional project management experience, is required.
  • Unless you are a current CAPM holder, you must complete 35 contact hours of formal instruction in project management.

Requirement #1 Education

A project manager needs a degree. To make wise decisions, you must be able to draught plans and reports and comprehend new ideas. You are eligible to apply for the PMP test if you have at least a secondary education (high school diploma, associate degree, or worldwide equivalent).

Requirement #2 Project Management Experience: 

Being the project manager requires you to exercise authority and take responsibility for your actions. You must be aware of your obligations and possess administrative and leadership abilities. These characteristics are required to finish the project with the least amount of difficulty. Depending on the educational requirements, different project management experience requirements apply. For a bachelor’s or postgraduate degree, two years of experience is the required minimum. A diploma holder may have a maximum of five years of experience.

Requirement #3 Project Management Education 

The last prerequisite for qualifying is this. 35 contact hours of formal PMP training are required. You will learn project management ideas, tools, and practices during the PMP training. The PMP Exam Content Outline and the most recent edition of the PMBOK Guide should be used to align this instruction. Different platforms are used by training providers, including online, live courses, hybrid, and virtual live classes. Online training courses are generally far less expensive than in-person instruction.


Join the PMP Training Program to earn your contact hours if you’re seeking an instruction course that will provide you with 35 contact hours of training and help you pass the PMP test with the least amount of effort. This course is entirely online and reasonably priced. It is one of the top IT Certifications 2022 course for gaining the knowledge in different sector. You may theoretically use all the tools and strategies you learn in project management training for your projects. 

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