Everything you need to know about contingency fees

People who have been hurt in tragedies are frequently too afraid to ask for legal help. because many individuals believe that any legal services should be paid for up front. They worry that without the money to hire an attorney or pay for all associated costs, they will be unable to pursue a claim.

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What Do Contingency Fees Entail?

Contrary to appearances, contingency fees are actually quite easy. If a lawsuit is won, whether by settlement or jury verdict, clients only have to pay their attorney once. In a contingency fee agreement, the lawyer must accept a specific percentage of the payout, usually one-third. Only if you win your case will you receive this money.

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You could not receive any monetary compensation if you lose your case. However, if you lose your case, you might have to cover court filing fees or witness deposition expenses.

When Are Contingency Fees Appropriate?

In legal proceedings like workers’ compensation or personal injury claims, contingency fee agreements are routinely used. However, there are specific situations where a lawyer might accept a contingency fee, like:

  • Sexual harassment incidents
  • Cases of Misconduct
  • Wage disputes and claims of employment discrimination
  • Collective action lawsuits
  • Demands for Payment of Debt
  • In legal cases, contingent fees are not permitted.

Contingency fees are beneficial, yes. They unfortunately are not always accepted. They are indeed prohibited in a number of circumstances:

cases of divorce. because it can appear that the lawyer is abusing the client’s situation and the legal system.

both family law and criminal cases. Working on a contingency basis in a criminal or family court case is prohibited under professional ethics legislation in many places.

The benefits of contingent fees

Contingent fee agreements benefit clients in a number of ways, including


An attorney is more likely to devote their entire attention to your case when they are solely paid on a contingency basis. It encourages them to exert every effort to give you the best results.

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There are no initial costs.

The main benefit of a contingency fee arrangement is that, as the client, you are not required to pay your lawyer in full up front or to spend a lot of money in legal fees while the case is continuing. This is crucial to ensuring that people with lesser incomes obtain superior legal representation.

Help if you’re losing

One benefit of a contingency fee arrangement is that you do not have to worry about incurring big legal expenses even if your case does not proceed as expected. While some administrative fees may fall under your purview, your lawyer won’t hound you with a mountain of a bill demanding payment for their services.

more dependable

Legal fees are more predictable because to contingency fee agreements, which let you know in advance how much you will have to pay if you prevail. In contrast, a number of factors, including the amount of time the attorney spends working on your case, will affect the ultimate hourly rate price. In other cases, lawyers could even make an effort to add unforeseen costs and fees.

Problems with a Contingency Fee

Agreements with contingent fees may be quite advantageous. This cost structure, however, isn’t always the greatest choice.

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You’ll Pay More for It

You might pay more for the contingency fee agreement than for an hourly fee arrangement. These agreements already specify the percentage that you will receive. Regardless of how long the litigation lasts, this predetermined amount is subtracted from your earnings.

Consequently, in situations where only a few hours of work are necessary to solve. It might be more beneficial to discuss other payment methods with your lawyer.

Prevent Your Case

Most attorneys are forced to choose their cases more carefully when working on a contingency basis. As a result, your case might not be taken seriously, especially if it doesn’t seem likely to succeed or seems to involve a high degree of risk.


Contingency fee agreements are a fantastic choice if you have a solid legal claim but are unable to afford up-front litigation fees. Even if you have a strong case, not every attorney will take it.

Let’s assume that you have chosen to file a lawsuit. Prioritize getting legal counsel from a qualified attorney. An attorney who handles personal injury cases in Lake Charles can assist you assess the strength of your case, your chances of winning, and the details of your contingency fee arrangement.

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