External Hard Drive Data Recovery: Best Tools for Recovering Files from External Hard Drive

External Hard Drive Data Recovery

There’s no doubt that external hard drives are immensely convenient. They enable us to carry terabytes of data to any place we travel. The best part about hard drives is that they can be installed on any device and share data seamlessly. Despite their ubiquitous nature, they’re sometimes fragile and demand External Hard Drive Data Recovery.

Nevertheless, data recovery from this storage system becomes easy when you are familiar with the best data recovery tools. Here, this article lists the best tools for recovering files from external hard drives. Let’s get started.

  • TestDisk

This open-source data recovery tool can efficiently recover lost partitions while making non-booting disks bootable. It runs on Windows, DOS, FreeBSD, Linux, SunOS, NetBSD, macOS, OpenBSD, etc. The software is crucial to various popular system rescue CDS, including GParted LiveCD, CAINE, Parted Magic, etc. It also runs in the command line; thus, it is not usually recommended to casual computer users.

  • Disk Drill

It is probably the most versatile and user-friendly data recovery solution in the market. So, if you have access to this tool, you will not require any other tool. While it has a single license, you can seamlessly install the software on Mac and Windows.

  • PhotoRec

It is an open-source data recovery utility typically designed to recover pictures, videos, and other hard drive files. The best part about this tool is that it recognizes more than 480 file extensions from 300+ file families. Besides, it also runs efficiently under Windows, DOS, FreeBSD, Linux, OpenBSD, NetBSD, macOS, Sun Solaris, etc.

Likewise, TestDisk, PhotoRec, is a command-line utility with zero graphical interfaces.

  • Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery

This tool can recover deleted data from internal and external hard drives. It can also retrieve all lost data from inaccessible partitions within a few minutes. The software also supports every file format and storage device and is compatible with Windows only.

  • R-Studio

It is a family of data recovery tools that are efficiently designed for solving any kind of data recovery. This tool can also recover data from major file systems while searching raw files. Further, it can perform data recovery over LAN and also fix any kind of startup issues.

The intended audience of this tool is network experts and technicians from both business computers and corporate networks.

  • EaseUS Data Recovery

This efficiently designed application enables you to recover files from any hard drive with only a few clicks. However, the free version of this software can recover up to 2GB of data stored in your external hard drive.

To Conclude

The above-mentioned data recovery softwares is undoubtedly great as it delivers remarkable results. On top of that, it helps in saving your day while dealing with several kinds of hard drive failures. Five Star Data Recovery is always at your bay to provide you with the best data recovery service.

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