Four Key Elements of a Safety Playground


There are four key safety elements to a play area. They are Protective surfacing, adult supervision, Equipment footing, and a Guardrail. By following these steps, you can help keep your child 안전놀이터and avoid injuries. If you are the parent, it’s also important to remain calm. A first aid kit can treat minor injuries, while an ambulance should be called in case of serious injuries. If your child is injured, do not try to move them yourself. Ask another adult to monitor them until help arrives.

Protective surfacing

Protective surfacing is essential for the safety of children who play on a playground. It is important to choose a material that is suitable for children’s play and has a high level of shock absorption. Dirt and grass are not recommended for use as playground surfacing as they tend to wear down easily and are not shock-absorbing enough. Instead, playground surfacing should be a soft, thick material that absorbs shocks.

The ASTM safety standards for playground surfacing provide an easy way to determine the proper surfacing for a playground. For example, the surfacing should be thick enough to prevent serious head injuries. Additionally, the surfacing should be installed at the appropriate depth. To meet these specifications, playground surfaces should be at least 3 inches below the highest pieces of play equipment.

Adult supervision

One of the most effective ways to reduce playground injuries is through increased adult supervision. Studies have shown that the presence of an adult on the playground changes how children behave. Regardless of whether a child is playing on their own or in a group, it is important to have at least one adult on site.

The number of adult supervisors needed for safety at a playground will vary, depending on the number of children. However, an adult cannot watch all of the children at once. The geography of the playground will also affect the number of staff members required to monitor the children.

Equipment footing

Equipment footing is a critical part of a 안전놀이터. It anchors playground equipment to the ground and prevents inadvertent falls from an elevated platform. It must be surrounded by a protective barrier. This barrier is made of infill that prevents children from slipping through. Loose-fill surfacing is another important element. This material consists of loose particles that prevent slipping, such as sand, wood fibers, or shredded rubber.

The surfacing beneath the play equipment should extend six feet beyond the perimeter of the structure. However, some equipment requires more space. To ensure safety, playground surfacing should be monitored regularly. To do this, playground surfacing should be marked with ideal depths. This can act as visual indicators and triggers for redistribution and raking. The maintenance of playground surfacing is critical for managing the safety of children and adults.


A guardrail provides a barrier around a playground area to prevent accidental falls. It also prevents children from wandering away from their play area and away from strangers, thus making playtime safer. These rails are available in many styles, such as Palisade, Meshed Panel, and Bow Top Railing.

Guardrails should be at least 36 inches tall and at least twelve inches in width. It should also be free of sharp points or rough surfaces. Sharp edges of metal or wood should be covered with rounded capping. Swing chains should also be coated for comfort. Also, elevated platforms for toddlers should be no more than 32 inches high.

Upper body equipment

Upper body equipment is a great way to develop strength in children. The rungs should be no more than nine inches wide, and they should be located about 10 inches from the edge of the platform. This will reduce the chances of children falling off of the equipment. The rungs should also be evenly spaced.

Upper body equipment helps children strengthen their arms and back. It can be challenging for young preschoolers because they don’t yet have much coordination. It is recommended for children aged four and older. Children must be supervised when using upper body equipment. The CPSC has specific guidelines for this equipment. The guidelines cover the spacing of handholds, platform access, and chin-up bars.

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