Hoodie Guide: Trend-Setting Hoodies We Love This Winter

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We are no longer living in an era where hoodies are meant to be worn in harshly cold climates. Hoodie today is a style statement in itself! With the influence of rap culture combined with high streetwear fashion, hoodies provide the right balance of comfort and style, and we are sure you agree!

So, if you wish to set the trend this winter by flaunting a stylish look with the perfect hoodie, read on! We will cover the top 5 trend-setting women’s pullover hoodies that you must explore this winter season on shoppers stop online.

  1. The furry soft hoodie

While comfort doesn’t have another name, it definitely has multiple styles. While animal fur clothing may not be a preferred choice for most, and rightly so, today you have artificial fur clothing that offers the same style statement. A solid fur women’s sweatshirt is the perfect add-on to your winter wardrobe.

  1. The soft polyester hoodie with pockets

Winter calls for styling and layering of clothes to get that perfect outfit of the day. But protection from the cold winds is also imperative. A polyester soft hoodie is a perfect option that provides style and protection. Available in multiple colors, a solid hood polyester women’s sweatshirt with pockets is the perfect hoodie for those who want to keep it subtle yet stylish.

  1. The preferred cotton blend hoodie
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A sweater hoodie made with a cotton blend is one of the most preferred options by many. With the comfort that this hoodie brings in, you are bound to look chic and stylish at the same time. Buying a solid cotton blend hood girls sweatshirt in vibrant color and pairing it with a solid t-shirt on the inside, is a sure-shot way to steal the limelight and look winter ready!

  1. A hoodie cum jacket

The badass style and look never go out of fashion, and no matter the season you can flaunt this look with a hoodie jacket. A solid hood polyester women’s jacket is a great option to pair with almost any other clothing. A pair of ripped jeans with a white crop top and the addition of the jacket is sure to make you feel no less than a winter fashion diva.

  1. A sleeveless hoodie

Before you jump to conclusions on the kind of winter protection a sleeveless hoodie will provide, let us explain. A solid hood polyester jacket that is sleeveless, provides ample winter cold protection if paired with a thick full sleeveless t-shirt inside. When you need to flaunt your jacket as well as your t-shirt, this option is perfect for you!

  1. The velvety soft hoodie

Back in the day, velvet material clothing stole the ramp walk attention. But if you are looking out for hoodies for women then exploring a velvet option is a must. A solid hood velvet women’s sweatshirt not only stands out from the crowd but also looks elegant and classy. More so, because there are no prints on this, it looks a lot fancier in comparison to any other hoodie. We have seen multiple actresses flaunting velvet hoodies even for their airport look. So go on and grab yours, in your color of choice, instantly!

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The versatility and styling options that a hoodie provides you are unmatchable. Hoodies are available in multiple sizes and you should pick one that is ideally a size above your regular fit. Who says style and winter protection cannot go hand in hand? Grab the best shoppers stop clothes and go all out with your styling imagination.

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