How do car accident settlements work in Georgia?

An agreement to resolve a dispute for a fixed amount of money is known as a settlement. The case will then be dropped, and the parties can move on with their lives.

Nobody wants to battle a vehicle accident claim for years and prepare a case just to lose it in court. Because of this, most conflicts have been resolved so that each party can receive a certain sum of money without hiring a lawyer to take on a potentially fatal court struggle. A settlement is an informal agreement reached by the parties to end the continuing lawsuit and resolve the matter with a mutually agreeable remedy.

In Georgia, there is no statewide requirement for settlement conferences. Imagine that you are drowning in unanticipated expenses from your auto accident. You might benefit from the assistance of a vehicle accident attorney in Athens to pursue financial and personal damages reimbursement.

We’ll go through the typical vehicle accident compensation in Georgia in more detail.

What is Georgia’s typical settlement following a vehicle accident?

This is a challenging problem because the damage in each circumstance is unique.

To reach a consensus, the parties and their counsel will consider the following elements.

Insurance companies won’t cover more than what is specified in the policy.

  • maintenance of vehicles
  • past and future medical costs
  • Anguish and pain
  • income lost from time away from the workplace
  • the cost of rehabilitation
  • Disabilities
  • scarring and deformity

How does a settlement for a vehicle accident work?

After being in a car accident, negotiating a settlement is never a simple procedure. Follow the guidelines below to get better settlements.

Speak with a lawyer

To discuss your case, you must first speak with a car accident attorney. Then start advocating for yourself by getting a copy of the accident report, interacting with adjusters, and, if necessary, seeking medical attention.

Insurance and a claim

All prospective insurance providers and persons were promptly informed by your attorney that you had a personal injury claim. To determine how much insurance money is available to pay for your claim, they start gathering all insurance information, including coverage amounts. This is an essential action. Only lawyers are aware of how to stack several policies to make more money from insurance available. To help with paying for your medical care, they will also look for medical payments insurance.


When you choose your attorney, the firm starts compiling all pertinent material in support of your claim. This could incorporate:

  • a duplicate of the accident report, along with other police paperwork
  • pictures of the vehicle damage
  • medical records and invoices
  • Start keeping track of your missed wages.

Medical Assistance

The company will keep a careful eye on your injuries and medical treatment. They’ll also keep tabs on your development week by week. They also want to make sure that you are gathering all the paperwork required to accurately document your medical proof, such as injuries, pain, and suffering. Do not worry that you won’t have health insurance and won’t be able to afford your medical bills. Regarding your medical care, your attorney and the doctors will work together.

Putting together the Settlement Package

Your lawyer will start putting together your compensation package once you have finished receiving medical treatment or reached the point when the doctors are unable to further assist you. They will utilize this package to bargain with the insurance companies. To confirm each bill or outstanding amount, they call each doctor or other organization. After that, write a thorough settlement letter to the adjuster detailing your claim and providing any necessary evidence. Once they have verified all the numbers, they deliver the settlement package to the adjuster.


Within 20 to 30 days of reviewing your settlement package, insurance adjusters often make their initial offer. Once they receive their initial offer, the negotiations will move quickly. The insurance carrier typically gives the company the greatest pricing fast. Your attorney will call you following each request to go through it and to determine what your appropriate counter offer is. Each counter-offer made on your behalf must have your approval.

Settlement vs. Lawsuit

You will receive the proposed settlement papers after your attorney has acquired the insurance company’s best offer. These documents lay out the adjuster’s best offer before decomposing the suggested settlement into the various ways you would be compensated. A Release must be completed, signed, and returned if you accept the offer. The check is then sent by the adjuster, and your attorney deposits it in your trust account while they wait for it to clear.

Everyone who treated you as well as any governmental or non-profit organizations that might be eligible for reimbursement once the money has cleared must be paid. Naturally, your attorney will negotiate with each to lower the sum you must pay them. Let’s say you turn down the insurance provider’s best offer. It may take up to a year to complete the legal process.


Last but not least, I would ask that you kindly follow the step-by-step instructions. Once your problem has been resolved, the settlement sum is set in stone and cannot be changed. Frequently, the insurance company will make you a very attractive offer to get you to accept it. I strongly suggest getting legal advice from a knowledgeable and experienced Athens automobile accident attorney before discussing any compensation estimates.

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