In the playground, safety is paramount


When it comes to 안전놀이터, there are several important points that every parent and caregiver should know. These include clothing, spacing, and entrapment hazards. In addition, parents should know how to react if their child becomes injured. If an injury occurs, it is important to stay calm and not panic. Minor injuries can usually be treated by a first aid kit, but serious injuries require emergency medical attention and the assistance of an ambulance.

Strangulation hazards

Strangulation hazards in safety playgrounds can be caused by a variety of factors. One of the most common causes is entanglements in play equipment. This occurs especially on slides, where a child catching their neck or head on an obstacle can struggle to free themselves. As a result, playground supervisors need to ensure that children wear appropriate attire for the play area. They also need to ensure that clothing does not have hoods or drawstrings and that jewelry and scarves are not worn while playing.

Another cause of strangulation is a lack of supervision. This can result in a child’s airway becoming blocked, which can be life-threatening. Small children are particularly susceptible to this, and it can happen due to small toys, strings, or even hanging mobiles. Children can also become strangled by cords on their clothing or while playing on playground equipment.

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Entrapment hazards

One of the most dangerous hazards for kids at play is entrapment. When a child’s head gets caught in a hole or opening, they can suffer serious injuries such as strangulation. It is estimated that entrapment is the third leading cause of playground deaths. A playground’s openings should be designed to prevent entrapment and should be the same size as the child’s head. If the opening is larger, it can block a child’s head or neck.

There are several types of entrapment hazards on a playground. These include open “S” hooks and protrusions, which may trap children. Moreover, there are also choking hazards that can result from defective products.


Children should always wear safety playground clothing when playing at a playground. Their clothing should be sturdy and skid-resistant, and not be too loose or oversized. They should also avoid jewelry and clothing with strings. These items can catch on equipment and become tripping hazards. When shopping for children’s clothing, keep in mind that the safety of your child is always your top priority.

안전놀이터clothing is essential for young children. Clothing that is too loose can entangle playground equipment and can cause serious injuries. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has banned the manufacture of children’s clothing with drawstrings. Therefore, these clothing items are not available at most stores. However, you can find these items at a thrift store. If you do find a drawstring item, remove it before putting it on your child.

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Proper playground spacing is an important factor for a safe play environment. Playground structures must be placed at least three to five feet apart. Too close together and children may collide during a fall. A proper playground design will have separate play areas for each age group. Having a separate area for toddlers and younger children will keep them safe from older kids.

A proper safety playground should also be designed with adequate shock absorption. Falling on a hard surface can lead to serious injuries or even death. Therefore, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends playground surfaces that have adequate shock absorption. For this purpose, more playgrounds are installing poured-in-place safety rubber surfacing.

Documentation of inspections

Documentation of inspections for safety playgrounds is a key element of play space safety management. Inspections can identify potential hazards and make improvements to the play space. For instance, if playground equipment is old or damaged, it could present a hazard to children playing nearby. It is also important to examine playground surfacing and see whether the surface is compacted and free of debris.

Playground inspections should be performed regularly by certified staff. These inspections should be tailored to the type of equipment and surfacing that is used. They should also be designed to document the issue and the corrective action that needs to be taken. The inspector should use easy-to-use forms to collect data. Using a certified playground inspector can ensure safety and prevent injuries. In addition, documentation of safety inspections can help protect the organization legally.

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