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A major playground should meet several safety standards. First, the playground should have a solid base and be free of any sharp objects. Second, it should have a soft surface that can absorb shock. Third, it should have a guardrail over any platform that is more than 30 inches high. Fourth, it should be a safe place to play with a range of equipment. Injuries caused by playground equipment are often preventable with proper design and maintenance.

If you notice a problem with a playground, it is important to report it to the responsible organization. This may be a school, city council, or park authority.


When planning a new playground, it’s important to consider the needs of both students and the community. For example, you may want to have one large playground for all students, a smaller one for younger children, and a playground for community members. You may also want to make the playground open after school hours and on weekends. Regardless of your needs, there are a variety of professional services that can help you with your plans.

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The layout of the playground should be designed to encourage healthy risk-taking and active play. It should have equipment that will challenge children of different age groups, including the more advanced ones. The materials you use should be durable and encourage physical activity, which will help your children stay healthy. You can also incorporate adult fitness equipment in your playground design.


Guidelines for 메이저놀이터must consider the specific needs of children and families, including the age and developmental stage of participants. For example, play areas should provide a wide variety of equipment suitable for different age groups. The equipment should also be available in enough quantities to allow multiple children to play at once. Moreover, the equipment should be accessible, age-appropriate, and safe for all children.

The guidelines for major playground components are published by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). These guidelines are intended for public play environments and may differ slightly from guidelines used for private playgrounds. The guidelines are available in both hard copy and online and are updated periodically to reflect changes in commercial playground equipment. They also take into account the latest research in playground safety.


You can play Major Playground games in various locations around the world. Some of these playgrounds are free, while others charge an admission fee. While it is a good idea to consider both options, you should be aware of the potential drawbacks of each location before you make your final decision. If you’d like to play in an actual park, check out its licensing agreements.

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When choosing a playground, consider the needs of children and caregivers. For example, a supervised playground should have receptacles for discarded toys. Another important consideration is the location of maintenance equipment. If the playground contains swings, these should be placed separately from other activities.

Exit region

Exit regions are areas on playground equipment that are designed to prevent injuries to children. The Handbook for Public Playground Safety defines an exit region as the area at the bottom of a slide or other major playground equipment that has rounded edges. This area should be free from obstacles that could trap a kid’s clothing.


Major playground maintenance involves checking equipment on a regular schedule to ensure that it is in good working condition. The frequency of the inspections should be based on the type of playground equipment, materials, and user demographics. It is also important to regularly clean the equipment. The CDC has established guidelines for proper cleaning.

Playground equipment deteriorates over time, especially with use and exposure to weather conditions. This can lead to safety hazards and increase repair costs. Regular maintenance will extend the life of your playground equipment.

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