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Remote jobs have turned out to be the best working setup to carry on work smoothly even from the comfort of your home. Work from home has allowed people from any corner of the world to offer services to companies in other countries, cities, or even continents via tons of online apps and websites. It means you can work for firms located in other states or cities of the United States and countries on other continents without stepping out of your home.

You can consider it as one of the greatest wonders of internet service that has made it possible for us to work not only for overseas companies but to stay on board during lockdowns or pandemic situations such as the Covid-19. Wave Internet is among the top notched internet service provider in the country that is offering tailored internet plans to support working from home agenda.

That’s the reason the ISP has lined up various amazing options on its platform to provide you with better opportunities for picking up the right internet plan. If you are working remotely or about to start working from home then you are probably in need of finding an internet connection capable enough to help you in getting the job done without any delay, buffering, interruption, and disruption. Why? Because all these factors are the major contributors to worsening your performance while carrying out your remote job.

None of you for sure are in the mood to create a bad impression on your employer by not meeting the deadlines, not delivering work on time, failing to attend zoom meetings, delivering buffered online presentations, or else.

If it is so, then worry not you have made the righteous decision by clicking on this blog. We have added the best internet plans and offers from Wave that you need to know before selecting an internet plan from this platform.

So let’s start our journey to explore what the ISP has in its bucket to serve you!

Wave Internet Plans for You to Carry Out Your Remote Job Smoothly

High-Speed 100

Price: $29.95 per month

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Validity of Plan: 12 months (in specific markets only)

Best for Users: surfing, gaming, working from home, and streaming.

Internet Speed: High-Speed 100

Features: Includes 400 GB data plan and get free TiVo Stream 4K, or add Local TV at no added cost.

High-Speed 250

Price: $39.95 per month

Validity of Plan: 12 months (in specific markets only)

Best for Users: Ideal for streaming multiple HD videos, video conferencing, multiplayer online gaming, and much more

Internet Speed: High-Speed 250

Features: Includes 500 GB data plan and get free TiVo Stream 4K, or include Local TV at no added cost

Gig Speed

Price: $69.95 per month

Validity of Plan: 12 months (in specific markets only)

Best for Users: Surf, stream, work, connect smart devices, without limits, learn, and play competitive games, with the fastest speed available

Internet Speed: Gig Speed

Features: Includes unlimited data and get free TiVo Stream 4K, or include Local TV at no added cost

Which One Of Wave Internet Plan Is Best For Working Remotely?

High Speed 100

It is one of the best internet plans at Wave internet that provides you a 400 GB data allowance to ward off your worries about data outages. Moreover, you can access up to 100 Mbps speed to download anything which makes it a perfect pick for standard internet usage. Also, if your online activities revolve around streaming entertaining content on the smart TV, taking school or university classes on zoom, listening to online music, or working remotely then this internet package will be the option for you.

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However, this high-speed 100 internet package allows you to connect only four users at a time and is ideal for small size homes.

High-Speed Gig

This internet plan at Wave is a perfect choice for those looking for super blazing internet speed to meet their working and residential consumption needs. The high-speed Gig is capable to deliver incredibly fast internet speed across multiple smart devices at your home simultaneously. So you and your family can enjoy binge-watching, online gaming, office work, and online classes across laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, and computers at your home.

The strong signals coming through this service make all the smart home appliances and smart home security devices work seamlessly. Also, you don’t need to worry about data limits because it comes with unlimited data that make it possible for a household loaded with smart home devices, committed gamers, online workers, and streaming buffs to use the internet without compromising the quality of internet service and data.

High-Speed 250

Moreover, if you own a family that needs a little extra then you can check out this high-speed 250 internet plan at Wave. Why is it so? Because this internet plan allows you to run multiple smart devices at your home and to connect multiple users without affecting the overall performance of internet speed. So, whether you or your family share large size documents, presentations, or files with colleagues, join online meetings, play online games, or do any other online activity your internet will never get exhausted.

If you want to protect yourself from dropping internet connection anxiety during a video conference and want to experience trouble-free and smooth delivery of work from your home then this internet plan is for you.

Availability of Wave Internet Service across the United States

Wave has strong service coverage across three states and different cities in the United States of America. We have added the locations in this blog for your convenience so you can easily spot your state or country on the list. So, let’s check it out.

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States of the United States Where You Can Access Wave Internet Service

Here are the names of locations by the state where you can easily access the incredible internet services from the house of Wave. Those states of the United States include California, Oregon, and Washington.

Cities Where You Can Access Wave Internet Service

Moreover, we have added cities by state here so you can learn which cities of the three states have service coverage. These cities by the state include San Francisco, CA, Seattle, WA, Concord, CA, Port Orchard, WA, San Mateo, CA, Walnut Creek, CA, and Daly City, CA.

We would like to suggest you carry out a ZIP code search to further your research. Why? Because the service coverage of Wave may vary from location to location and to make sure availability in your current location nothing can work better than a ZIP code search. Also, you can contact Wave customer support services any time to learn if its internet service coverage is in your area or not.

Maximum Internet Speed across the Service Coverage States


Wave Service States: California

Residential Services Offered: High-Speed Internet, Digital Cable TV & Home Phone

Max. Download Speed: 1,000 Mbps


Wave Service States: Oregon

Residential Services Offered: High-Speed Internet, Digital Cable TV & Home Phone

Max. Download Speed: 1,000 Mbps


Wave Service States: Washington

Residential Services Offered: High-Speed Internet, Digital Cable TV & Home Phone

Max. Download Speed: 1,000 Mbps

Final Verdict

Working from home is no longer an option for most jobs. You never know when you will get into remote working settings. Therefore, we would like to advise you to pick an internet connection that can deliver excellent performance if you get into remote working.

But if you are already working remotely the aforementioned internet plans of Wave can help you to stay relaxed and work without any trouble from the comfort of your house. You can also check out some other best internet plans from Wave and other internet service providers in the country at BuyTVInternetPhone.

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