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NumLooker is a data-building web service with four focus areas: reverse phone lookup, people search, “who called me”, and background check. Though split into four different functionalities, the principal purpose is to identify people using some identity markers, such as phone number, name, and home address.

Aggregated from various public records, NumLooker provides you with broad data which enables users to find out details about the person of interest, as long as that information is in the public domain.

For the people search function, all you need is the full name of the person you’d like to get information on. You can learn about the person’s background, phone number, social media profiles, home address, family members, and even criminal records.

Lastly, NumLooker is safe and reliable; it is sensitive about the kind of data it collates, whom it is about, and what it is used for.

Overview of NumLooker

In the year 2022 alone, NumLooker has had almost 13 million searches on its website. It shows how much people all over the world are interested in verifying whom they are dealing with, and more importantly, that NumLooker has been meeting the needs of its clients.

A testament to this is the client testimonials displayed on their webpage. As earlier mentioned, there are four basic functions you can carry out using the NumLooker finding tool. The first is reverse phone lookup; where you find people or organizations using just a phone number or area code.

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Next is “who called me”. As the name suggests, when an unknown phone number calls you and you cannot trace the identity of the caller, this search service enables you to use phone numbers to get more information on your targets.

The third function is “background check”, which allows you to look into people, organizations, and even yourself, especially when you have to interact with people but do not know enough about them.

Finally, the main functionality of NumLooker is people-search. People-search combines all other functionalities into one. Like “background check”, it works by looking up the full name of the person or organization in question and provides information such as criminal records (if any) and affiliations, both current and past, phone numbers, home address, and social media profiles.

With people-search, you can find information on literally anyone: both current and past acquaintances, as well as potential ones.

What Factors Did We Consider to Choose NumLooker?

Broad database and functionalities

NumLooker does more than its name suggests. It not only searches numbers but also addresses, names, and other contact information. It is a holistic people search tool that feeds into several databases to provide accurate and in-depth information on a searched item.

NumLooker checks phone numbers, names, home addresses, and relatives’ information, and runs a background check on the identity of the unknown person being sought.

Ethical considerations on data usage

If you think the above functionalities are scary, this is where it gets better. When using NumLooker, there are Do’s and Don’ts regarding the type of information that should be collated and sought, as well as the purposes information sourced on the website can be used for.

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They include a policy on not having information on minors (persons under 18 years) and a prohibition on using NumLooker information for commercial purposes or organizational fact-finding.

Personal data safety

NumLooker has a confidentiality guarantee and privacy policy specifying what client data may be used for and allows for client restrictions on the usage of personal data.

Personal data verification

One of the recommendations NumLooker gives its users is the ability to search data to confirm its correctness. By so doing, the user can approach agencies and institutions responsible to correct information related to them if it is wrong.

Using the same yardstick, the user is aided into being critical of information collated on people of interest, given that errors may have arisen in the process of documenting them.

What Information Can You Get From People Search?

There are three specific kinds of information to expect when using NumLooker:

Personal information

When you search for people on NumLooker, the finding tool provides you with personal information about the people you are searching for. This includes full names (including middle names and aliases), age, gender, contact information (such as phone number and email address), home address, and social media profiles.

Relatives, neighbors, and affiliations’ information

NumLooker does more than just provide you with personal information on people or organizations you are seeking to know more about.

It goes further to furnish you with information on their family members and relatives, neighbors and people who live within the location as them, as well as places and groups they may have had and currently have affiliations with.

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These sets of information define the limits of conventional data sources, such as phone books and registers. But with the multi-database of NumLooker, it is possible to collate all these sources into one, to give detailed and accurate info on a specific person or group of interest, just in one click.

Public Records

This forms the widest base of NumLooker’s people-search capacity. Being the widest span of data, NumLooker provides you with civil and criminal information on people you are interested in.

This consists of complete criminal history, court records where the person is involved, and any other information relating to their activity in the civil and public space that may be of interest to you.


NumLooker is a people search service that has bridged an important information gap in the modern world. By collating millions of data from various databases and making them accessible in one click, it automatically turns disaggregated and dormant data into a usable piece of information.

With NumLooker’s ethical code of not collecting data on minors (persons under 18 years), and the Do’s and Don’ts of what purposes information sourced on NumLooker should serve, it is apparent that it is not just business but has an active consideration for the human lives behind the information gathered.

In that case, as a user, you are guaranteed respect for private data and anonymity in cases you choose. This makes NumLooker your first choice for people’s searches. It is your online community of safe and reliable information search and usage; and has the perfect balance of accessibility, affordability, accuracy, and mutual respectability.

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