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Brooks Barnes

The New York Times Disney Toasts a Century as Business and Political Challenges Mount Brooks Barnes The company is opening two exhibitions that will tour the globe until 2028. It…

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Netflix Technology Blog

Netflix Technology Blog Match Cutting at Netflix: Finding Cuts with Smooth Visual Transitions Boris Chen, Kelli Griggs, Amir Ziai, Yuchen Xie, Becky Tucker, Vi Iyengar, Ritwik Kumar, Keila Fong, Nagendra Kamath, Elliot Chow, Robert Mayer, Eugene Lok, Aly Parmelee & Sarah Blank At Netflix,…

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Chain Link Fence

Anna P. Kambhampaty

The New York Times Want to See the Weirdest of Wikipedia? Look No Further Anna P. Kambhampaty On @depthsofwikipedia, Annie Rauwerda is compiling some of the crowdsourced site’s most bizarre…

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Shoshana Wodinsky

Gizmodo These Companies Know You’re Pregnant–And They’re Not Keeping It Secret Shoshana Wodinsky & Kyle Barr In early 2012, the “New York Times Magazine” put out a cover story about Andrew Pole,…

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Vital Role of a Disability Lawyer

Dina Bass

Bloomberg Microsoft Wants AI To Change Your Job–If It Can Work Out the Kinks Dina Bass Microsoft believes its artificial intelligence tools are poised to reshape ‘thousands’ of professions. There are…

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Birth Injury

Tragedy at Astroworld

Houston Chronicle ‘It was like watching a Jenga tower topple:’ At least 8 dead at Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival Joey Guerra & St. John Barned-Smith At least eight people are dead and…

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Poor Driving Does Not Equate to a DUI

Emily Ratajkowski

Late Night with Seth Meyers Emily Ratajkowski on Her Book ‘My Body’ and Why Women Find Pete Davidson Attractive Seth Meyers & Emily Ratajkowski Emily Ratajkowski talks about her book ‘My Body’,…

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Steven Zeitchik

The Washington Post The crypto boom runs on hype men like ‘BitBoy,’ an untrained Atlanta YouTuber Steven Zeitchik Ben Armstrong is one of a handful of influencers who have gained…

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Megan Graham

Wall Street Journal How Vulgar Tweets Plug Into RadioShack’s New Marketing Strategy Megan Graham The 101-year-old retailer is looking to crypto and updated inventory as it takes aim at a…

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Off-Road Trip


Platformer All the most popular posts on Facebook are plagiarized Casey Newton Being original on Facebook doesn’t pay, according to its own data. Platformer Instagram tackles its child safety problem…

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