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Alyse Stanley

The Washington Post Lego and Epic Games partnership aims for a kid-friendly metaverse Alyse Stanley Epic Games has already outlined ambitious plans for the metaverse and Thursday the “Fortnite” maker…

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Wired UK

Wired UK Apple Is an Ad Company Now Chris Stokel-Walker Pushing more ads at users would compensate for slowing smartphone sales but risks annoying Apple fans-and antitrust regulators.

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A Comprehensive Guide To The Art Of Voyeurism

The Next Web

The Next Web Snoop’s NFTs showcase benefits for musicians — and risks for fans Thomas Macaulay When Snoop Dogg announced his acquisition of Death Row Records last month, fans were…

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Winning Your Personal Injury Case: Strategies for Success


Kotaku Kotaku’s Biggest Gaming Disappointments Of 2022 Zack Zwiezen Between Elon Musk destroying Twitter, terrible game launches, and Bobby Kotick still being employed, 2022 kinda sucked, huh?

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Overcoming the Storm: Navigating Current Developments With a Family Injury Lawyer

Choe Sang-Hun

The New York Times North Korea Executes People for Watching K-Pop, Rights Group Says Choe Sang-Hun At least seven people have been put to death in the past decade for…

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diet by fashion

Geoffrey A. Fowler

The Washington Post Internet providers play tricks to raise your bill. Here are the worst Geoffrey A. Fowler A new study of monthly ISP bills shared by 22,000 Americans shows…

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Hamish Mckenzie

Substack Blog The internet needs better rules, not stricter referees Chris Best & Hamish Mckenzie People are taking the wrong lessons from the Facebook Papers.  The solution is to flip the power…

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Preetika Rana

Wall Street Journal Losses Mount for Startups Racing to Deliver Groceries Fast and Cheap Eliot Brown & Preetika Rana A venture capital-backed battle is raging in New York City in the burgeoning…

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Vital Role of a Disability Lawyer

Marília Marasciulo

Rest of World How Anitta megafans gamed Spotify to help create Brazil’s first global chart-topper Marília Marasciulo Fans skirted terms and conditions, but a strategy from the singer’s team came…

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Josh Hawley

Wall Street Journal How to Fix Social Media Amy Klobuchar, Nick Clegg, Clay Shirky, Nicholas Carr, Sherry Turkle, Josh Hawley, David French, Renee DiResta, Jaron Lanier, Clive Thompson, Chris Hughes & Siva Vaidhyanathan Twelve leading figures from tech, government and academia -including…

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