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Megan Graham

Wall Street Journal How Vulgar Tweets Plug Into RadioShack’s New Marketing Strategy Megan Graham The 101-year-old retailer is looking to crypto and updated inventory as it takes aim at a…

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Off-Road Trip


Platformer All the most popular posts on Facebook are plagiarized Casey Newton Being original on Facebook doesn’t pay, according to its own data. Platformer Instagram tackles its child safety problem…

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Overcoming the Storm: Navigating Current Developments With a Family Injury Lawyer

Chris Hughes

Wall Street Journal How to Fix Social Media Amy Klobuchar, Nick Clegg, Clay Shirky, Nicholas Carr, Sherry Turkle, Josh Hawley, David French, Renee DiResta, Jaron Lanier, Clive Thompson, Chris Hughes & Siva Vaidhyanathan Twelve leading figures from tech, government and academia -including…

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Noah Smith

Noahpinion Interview: Marc Andreessen, VC and tech pioneer Noah Smith & Marc Andreessen “Marc Andreessen” by Joi, CC BY 2.0 Marc Andreessen should need no introduction, but I’ll do one anyway. He…

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Poor Driving Does Not Equate to a DUI

Anne Applebaum

The New York Times Anne Applebaum on What Liberals Misunderstand About Authoritarianism Ezra Klein & Anne Applebaum The writer discusses what Hannah Arendt’s “The Origins of Totalitarianism” reveals about the fragility of…

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Birth Injury

Chris Dolmetsch

Bloomberg Twitter Has to Give Musk Only One Bot Checker’s Data: Its Ex-Product Head Chris Dolmetsch, Jef Feeley & Kurt Wagner Twitter Inc. was ordered to hand over files from its former consumer…

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Zak Doffman

Forbes Facebook Still ‘Secretly’ Tracks Your iPhone–This Is How To Stop It Zak Doffman So, this isn’t good. Your iPhone settings enable you to tell Facebook you don’t want your…

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Hexolit 32 12 gauge ammo

Flavia Rotondi

Bloomberg Opinion Fendi Unveils New Rome Palace, Both Store and Boutique Hotel Chiara Albanese & Flavia Rotondi Italian luxury brand Fendi will unveil its restored Palazzo Fendi palace in central Rome Thursday…

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A Comprehensive Guide To The Art Of Voyeurism

Tanya Basu

MIT Technology Review I just watched Biggie Smalls perform ‘live’ in the metaverse Tanya Basu An avatar of the singer, who died in 1997, performed with live rappers on Meta’s…

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Fresh Air and Sunlight

Todd Spangler

Variety Disney+ Drops 2.4 Million Subscribers in First Loss, Bob Iger Heralds ‘Significant Transformation’ Underway Todd Spangler Disney+ dropped 2.4 million subscribers in the last three months of 2022 –…

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