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To start with this section, let’s look at a typical pay table for a Jacks or Better video poker game. This is the traditional, unadulterated form of VP, 토토사이트and nearly all gamblers are already well-versed in its rules and procedures. Even money is paid out for a pair of jacks or higher, the lowest-paying combination that can win. The highest paying hand is a royal flush, which awards players with 800 to 1 for their wager.

Because the payout for a whole house is 8 to 1 and the payout for a flush is only 6 to 1, this game is called an 8/6 Jacks or Better game. If you play it perfectly, this game has a payback percentage of 98.39%, so it’s worth your time.


You are figuring out that return percentage토토사이트 is not tricky. All you need to do is add up the expected value of each possible hand. When calculating the expected value, multiply the probability of getting a sure hand by the payout associated with that particular hand. After adding those numbers, you will have the estimated predicted return for the game.

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For every player’s wager

For every player’s wager on this game, the casino anticipates winnings at 98.39% or lower throughout the long run. In addition, when we talk about the long run, we refer to tens of thousands of tests. Most gamblers do not enter the long run during a single outing but somewhat over their entire gambling careers.

The possibility that a player will defy the odds and walk away with a prize compels them to keep coming back to the casino repeatedly. The short-term impact of standard deviation is responsible for this phenomenon.

However, when you play Crazy Times Pay Poker, a random multiplier is added to various hand types in exchange for doubling your bet. This increases the likelihood of winning. When you first hear about this, you might think it’s a great deal; after all, you can win prizes that are more valuable than they would generally be for you to win.

Nevertheless, there are two issues with this:

The first requirement is to increase your bet’s size by one. This mitigates the effects of the multipliers, but the situation is far from ideal.

The second factor, which could be considered more significant, is that when you shuffle in the multipliers at random, you change the pay table for each hand.

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Because the pay table determines the appropriate strategy, you need to have a great deal of skill at making decisions based on mathematics, even to come close to figuring out what the correct play is in various scenarios.

Strategy for the Crazy Times Pay Poker Game

Aside from the fact that you should pay attention to the hands that have the 5X multiplier added, we do not have much insight into the appropriate strategy for this game. It would help if you made the necessary adjustments to your playing strategy to take advantage of this, explicitly increasing the frequency with which you go for hands that contain multipliers.

This will require you to deviate from the standard strategy chart you would typically use for games of this type. There is a strategy for 8/6 Jacks or Better, but it is based on the pay table that is shown above. Because the payoffs will vary depending on the hand you play, your strategy may also need to shift.

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