Python Ergonomic: Should you Buy It? (A Review)

Python Ergonomic

A gaming chair’s look is just as important as its comfort level if you want it to be the best fit for your game room. If you stream or web chat, people will catch a glimpse of your chair (especially if it’s one of the larger models). And some folks don’t want an eyesore in their home.

The Python Ergonomic, priced at $479.99, is a sleek gaming chair upholstered in soft fabric, making it ideal for those who are tired of the bright colors and sharp lines typically seen on racing-style chairs. The minimalistic design will appeal to anyone who prefers a clean look.

It offers all the features gamers want, such as adjustable armrests, a tall backrest, and a multi-tilt mechanism.

Said to be one of the most comfortable and health-friendly gaming chairs on the market, does the Python Ergonomic live up to its claims? And does it have features that make it perfect for those looking for a healthy option?

Unpacking the Python- First Impressions

The level of detail in the Python Ergonomic chair is truly impressive. From the minute the box was opened, we were amazed at how much effort had gone into creating an easy assembly experience.

I felt like a first-class flyer when I was welcomed with a large poster, full-size color instruction manual, and parts that were incredibly well packaged:

The Python Ergonomic was easy to put together, though the instructions needed to be more detailed and clear.

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During the assembly process, it was clear that Eureka Ergonomic takes extra care with even the most minor details.

The backrest, for example, has rails on the sides that help secure it to the Seat as you screw it in place. And the plastic side covers on either side–which you would have to screw in.


A problem we had with other chairs was the leather. Python II’s seat is made of a thick foam cushion, It’s hard to say anything definitive because it’s winter right now as we write this, but last summer, the other chairs that used this material got uncomfortable. We’ll update this review once it gets warm again to be sure.

Anyway, the quality is outstanding, and the stitching is very secure, with seemingly no points where it looks or feels a bit weak and can tear, which is always a nice bonus. I have been using this for about a month and have no complaints.

Design & Features

The Python Ergonomic chair is made with high-quality materials that are meant to last. The steel frame, for example, is powder coated to resist corrosion, while the base and casters are made with hardened nylon that can support up to 330 pounds.

4D armrests

The first thing you’ll find on the Python II gaming chair is its thick 4D armrests. It’s one of the widest we’ve seen yet, with a rubber exterior that provides more comfort than plastic armrests ever could. But you’ll appreciate their ability to move in all directions, including being width adjustable. This means that whether you’re typing, reclined back, or have narrow shoulders, the armrests can be adjusted to where your arms are precise.

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An adjustable headrest

The Eureka Ergonomic Python II chair is said to have an adjustable headrest. The headrest is perfect for those who want to customize their sitting experience, as it can help support the head and neck.

Tilt mechanism

The full recline is accompanied by a multi-tilt mechanism that responds to your sitting position for added support. This was one of my most important features when choosing an office chair because I have back problems. It’s comforting to know that I can adjust the tension of the tilting mechanism. If there’s too much tilt,

The advantage of the tilt mechanism is most notable when I recline entirely in my chair, as it readjusts to accommodate my body weight and takes the pressure off my lower back.

Adjustable Lumbar Support

Lumbar support helps to alleviate back pain by providing additional support for your spine. The Python ergonomic chair has adjustable lumbar support that can be moved up or down, depending on your needs.

The downside is the knob for adjusting lumbar support isn’t easily accessible because it’s on the side of the chair.

It may still need to be pronounced more for some people. It would have been good if Eureka Ergonomic also included an external lumbar pillow to cover the gamete.

The comfort of the Seat

Although many people have written about how hard or soft the Seat is on Eureka Ergonomic chairs, we need not understand what all the fuss is about. The Seat feels medium-firm on the Eureka Ergonomic Python II, certainly not so hard that it would be uncomfortable to sit in for long periods.

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From an ergonomic standpoint, a slightly firmer seat can help you maintain good posture more quickly than a mushy one.

From an ergonomic standpoint, it’s often easier to maintain good posture on a slightly firmer seat. A mushy seat can be thought of like your couch at home – comfortable but not necessarily conducive to good posture. In the end, it does come down somewhat to personal preference. Do you prefer sleeping on a softer or harder mattress?

Our team thinks the Eureka Ergonomic Python II seat is exceptionally comfortable, even though some friends prefer seats on other chairs.

Color Options

The Python Ergonomic chair is available in blue and red colors. While both colors are sleek and professional, the red option will likely be the more popular choice.

Final Thoughts

We’ve had the Eureka Ergonomic Python II for a month, and I can confirm that it lives up to the hype. No, there aren’t any rocket boosters or missile launchers, but as far as gaming chairs go, it’s hard to find anything wrong with it.

The Python gaming chair is at the top of its class for build quality, comfort, and style. Not only will gamers appreciate it, but anyone looking for a high-end office chair with a robust reclining mechanism will find it appealing. You’d be hard-pressed to find another gaming chair in this price range ($450-$500).

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