Quickie QXI Wheelchair for Mobility Needs – Detailed Review

Quickie QXI wheelchair

Finding the right wheelchair for mobility needs is easier said than done. There are multiple brands out there with amazing and unique ergonomic wheelchair designs that offer different features at varying prices. You are bound to get confused and make the wrong decision with so many options available in the market. But don’t fret. We have already picked out the best wheelchair for your mobility needs, the Quickie QXI wheelchair!

Quickie Wheelchairs are owned and operated by medical industry professionals with over 35 years of experience. They offer all types of medical home equipment, and their product line ranges from lightweight wheelchairs to wound care and urology supplies. Their products are available for immediate delivery, and their product line constantly evolves according to customers’ needs.

This article will briefly discuss the Quickie QXI wheelchair features and how it is superior to other wheelchairs in the market. Let’s get started!

Quickie QXI Wheelchair Features

Before you buy a Quickie QXI wheelchair, consider its features and see if it’s the right fit for you or your loved ones.

Durable Aluminum Frame

The Quickie QXI wheelchair is a modern and sleek-looking wheelchair made with a durable and lightweight aluminum frame. It has a weight capacity of 265 lbs and has shown reliable performance for up to 20 years during its rigorous and extensive testing. The wheelchair consists of one-piece side frames and a three-arm cross brace that locks inside the side frames and gives the chair its unique folding capability. It also reduces the moving parts and gives the wheelchair a more compact and rigid look.

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Easy Adjustment

The Quickie QXI wheelchair utilizes new innovative technologies to give its users maximum comfort and portability. The wheelchair consists of standard features like footrests, armrests, axle assembly, and anti-tip tubes. All of these features are adjustable and reduce the set-up time. You can also adjust the center of gravity, the back and seat height, and the camber within a minute and a single wrench.

Low Seat Design

The Quickie QXI wheelchair is perfect for indoors and outdoors. It has an adjustable seat-to-floor height ratio of 12″ to 19″. The low seat design ensures that whether you are propelling yourself or hanging out with your friends and family, you can move around with ease without putting strain on your shoulders. Moreover, you can adjust the seat height to 13″ by using 5″ casters to maneuver rough terrain and outdoor obstacles easily.

EXO Upholstery

The Quickie QXI wheelchair now comes with EXO upholstery. It offers a modern aesthetic and comfortable design that perfectly complements the wheelchair’s functionality. It can be purchased with or without tension adjustability, offers optimal positioning, and is easy to adjust.


The Quickie QXI wheelchair for mobility needs is one of the best wheelchairs on the market. It offers advanced features, optimal seating and positioning, and enables users to maintain an active lifestyle indoors and outdoors easily. Its customization and folding features ensure it is easy to carry and transport and ideal for traveling. We hope this article helped!

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