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There are more than eight thousand different sorts of grapes in the world. Indeed, these marvelous berries have conquered our love from ancient times. It has many valuable vitamins that can increase our mood and prepare our bodies for winter. Grapes can help our body to cope with stress. There are multiple cooking recipes where we add grapes. So grab a plate of grapes and test your luck at casino en ligne. Feel yourself among the ancient gods.

Isabella Grape

       Homemade wine is made from this grape variety, which has a memorable taste and aroma. Isabella is also added to juices and desserts.

       Isabella is a table and technical, as well as an ornamental grape variety of late ripening.

Its discoverer is considered to be the American breeder William Prince, who discovered a vine of this variety in the garden of the Gibbs family. He named dark large berries in honor of the mistress of the house Isabella Gibbs. Later it turned out that this variety arose as a result of a natural crossing of two other varieties Labrusca and Vinifera.

     Berries of Isabella are medium, round or oval, black, with a bluish tinge, covered with an abundant wax coating. The skin of these berries is rough, and under it lies a very delicate jelly-like pulp with a strongly pronounced strawberry aroma, which most fully manifests its virtues in juices and wines.

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      Recently, due to the increased content of methanol in wines made from it, the Isabella grape variety has been banned for use in commercial winemaking in the US and EU countries.

Sultana Grape or Kishmish

       Kishmish is a seedless grape variety of medium ripening period. Distribution in the republics of Central Asia. Sultana grape is one of the most delicious, sweet, and popular grape varieties. Many people know it thanks to the wonderful raisins that are made from it and which bear the same name.

      The berries are large, oval, amber in color with a slight brown tan with the expectation of a side associated with bloom. The leather is durable. The flesh is firm and crispy. When dried, it becomes excellent raisins from sultana grapes.

       Fresh sultanas are used to make jams and jams, add them to juices, and decorate desserts with them. Dried fruits are used for confectionery, salads, drinks, and fermented milk products.

       Ripe raisins are a good source of vitamins, easily digestible sugars, fiber, and saturated acids, especially vitamins C, E, PP, and folic acid.

Husayn the White Grape

        Husayn white is a high-quality table and drying grape variety of Central Asian origin.

Yellowish-green or yellowish-pink, oblong, translucent, thin-skinned large grapes with delicious juicy and crispy flesh are popularly known as “Ladyfingers”.

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      In Dagestan it is also called “Shah-raisin”, in Russia, this variety is known as “Glass”, and in Armenia – as “Izaptuk”. In Uzbekistan, “lady’s fingers” is one of the favorite and highly valued varieties. They decorate wedding and festive tables.

      White grapes “Lady’s fingers” is considered one of the best table varieties. It is deliciously fresh and has no pits, which is why it is used to decorate desserts. Husayn white is also dried, making raisins out of it.

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