The 6 Best Delta 8 Joints You Can Buy Online

Delta 8 Joints

Finding premium quality delta 8 joints could be a problem sometime. The choice has become more confusing with so many delta 8 brands in the market. The most important thing about delta 8 is not the choice of product but the quality. At the same time, many brands are out there, but not all produce high-quality joints.

People prefer delta 8 joints because they offer a smooth psychoactive experience, and these joints also go easy on the lungs. Moreover, they are also available in various flavors, potency, and packaging. You can find delta 8 joints easily in the offline and online marketplaces. Offline, we can see these joints in gas stations, farmers’ markets, and local smoke shops.

Similarly, You can find these pre-rolled joints online on various marketplaces and websites. Buying delta 8 joints online is a better choice as you can get premium quality products at the best rate. Besides, these websites are more trustworthy.

So, let’s see the best 6 delta 8 joints you can buy online.

1.  Hometown Hero Delta-8 Flower

The Hometown hero is considered the undisputed king of delta 8 Joints. The Raygun strain from Hometown contains 19% delta 8 THC and 10% CBGA. The 19% THC is a potent choice to enjoy the joint fully. Additionally, the CBGA ensures you get a smooth psychotic experience.

So, the smooth and strongest delta 8 buds give a rancid smell and a quick high. As per the die-hard users of Hometown’s Raygun strain, the joint provides energetic effects and eases anxiety. Some users report that this joint has a mood-uplifting property that works all day long.

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One of the most exciting things about Hometown joints is that it is DEA-certified, which means you will always get clean products with high-quality ingredients.


  • The most potent option available is the delta 8 pre-rolled segment.
  • It acts quickly and may relieve chronic pain, anxiety, and stress.
  • Smooth effect on lungs.
  • DEA-certified and comes with a certificate of Analysis. Best buy for money deal: you get 1 extra joint on purchasing a pack of 4.


  • One of the downsides of Hometown joints is their packaging. They are still using plastic, so, not eco-friendly.
  • Single strain, only Raygun flower.
  • It Doesn’t show the terpene profile in the Certificate of Analysis.

2.  Highly Concentr8ed Delta-8 Moon Rocks

The second entry in the best delta 8 joints online is Highly Concentr8ed Delta-8 Moon Rocks. True to its name, this product contains highly concentrated delta 8 buds.

The manufacturer, Highly Concentr8ed, follows a unique method that makes smoking their joints a memorable experience. The brand takes CBG flowers and dips them into the delta-8 distillate. After this, the brand covers the flower with CBG kief. The ‘kief’ is the most potent part of the cannabis flower, containing a wide range of terpenes and cannabinoids.

Using the method mentioned above, Highly Concentr8ed creates layer after layer in their pre-rolled joints. That increases the potency and power of the joint by up to 45%.


  • Highly affordable
  • Highly potent
  • The flower gets dipped in the delta-8 distillate.


  • Lab test doesn’t show information on heavy metal and pesticides used.
  • Refrain from offering returns.

3.  Secret Nature Delta 8 blunt:

The Secret Nature has devoted much time to perfecting its craft. It is among the most luxurious D8 joints available online; from classy packaging to the aroma, no joint burns like this one. You can feel this air of luxury by taking a single drag.

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While the blunt from Secret Nature is available only in a single strain, it works like magic. The effects are almost instantaneous, and the potency is also relatively high. The high power is due to the Indica-dominant strain, which could be sedative sometimes.


  • Value for money.
  • Excellent delta 8 and CBG ratio at 180 mg delta 8 and 125mg CBG.
  • Uses eco-friendly wrap paper
  • No issues with the Certificate of Analysis


  • Highly sedative
  • Single strain option

4.  Industrial hemp farm Delta 8 pre-rolls:

The D8 pre-rolls from the Industrial hemp farm are of quite superior quality. These pre-rolls come fortified with delta 8 and include trichome-rich delta 8 drizzled hemp. These joints come with a certificate of Analysis and get tested for toxins and heavy metals. As per the COA, these joints contain over 22% D8 and 0.13% delta 9 THC, under the prescribed limit.


  • Available in a pack of 1, 10, 50, and 100.
  • Offers same-day shipping
  • Comes with a 100% money-back guarantee and a premium quality guarantee.


  • Plain and cheap packaging
  • The lab test result needs to be updated.
  • Little expensive if buying a single joint.

5.  Botany farms pre-roll joint:

Botany Farms is your answer if you are looking for a full-spectrum blend. The Botany Farms uses a potent mix of delta 8, Delta 9, and CBD to create a solid pre-roll joint. Moreover, the packaging and labeling from Botany Farms are also top-notch.

 Unlike Highly Concentr8ed, Botany Farms doesn’t rely on pure D8 distillate. Instead, they go for a full-spectrum approach which makes these pre-rolls strongest among the bunch.

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The brand offers two premium-quality Delta 8 pre-rolls, a pineapple haze, and another white CBG. Their high CBD/THC strain ratio can impress even experienced cannabis draggers.


  • Impressive high-quality packaging
  • Offers 40mg D8 and 120mg CBD in each joint
  • Potent CBD/THC strain blending.


  • Only two strains are available
  • Not tested for contaminants in a lab test.
  • Outdated lab test.
  • Quite expensive at $12 per joint

Delta 8 Joints

6.  Exhale Pre-rolls:

The Pre-roll joints from Exhale Wellness are of high quality, potent, and mouth-watering. The Exhale wellness has one of the most comprehensive collections of D8 pre-rolls. All these pre-rolls are unique in their strain and potency.

Some of the collections of Exhale are even cheaper than the products available in local dispensaries. So, if you are looking for a smooth but potent hit, grab a pack of Exhale pre-rolls.


  • It comes in a pack of 5
  • Wide range of strains available
  • Sensible pricing as per quality


  • Low-quality paper
  • Plain packaging
  • It only comes in a pack; no single joints are available.


Rolling a joint is no big deal, but it becomes irritating sometimes. So, to keep you safe from the pain of rolling a joint, pre-rolls are available. While these pre-rolls are widely available locally, most of them have issues. So, to keep your puffing experience intact, buy pre-rolls online. Buying online ensures you get high-quality products without leaving your couch. Moreover, it also provides you easy returns and payment protection.

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