To pursue a college degree or not?” This question haunts everyone who wishes to become independent and self-employed in today’s world. Entrepreneurs can’t seem to make up their minds about whether an individual should pursue a formal degree before establishing a business or not. We know that looking at statistics won’t help anyone resolve this conflict because half of the entrepreneurs today have obtained formal degrees. Among the richest people on earth, some didn’t finish college, while others have several degrees in different discourses. However, we know that having an online degree increases the chances of success in the business industry. It’s one incentive for you to pursue a formal degree today.

Ten online degrees for business owners

Let’s review this problem from another angle. Do you wish to become self-employed? You dream of becoming a business owner and entrepreneur in today’s startup-friendly world. But did you know that entrepreneurship can be taught? Yes, it’s not always God-gifted because some folks learn the art of founding and running a startup in the 21st century. So, anyone can establish a company to become self-employed. But getting a degree makes your business more likely to survive for a long time. However – lucky you! – you can now start a business and pursue a degree simultaneously! An online degree can help you focus on your business while getting educated digitally. Here are some degrees you can check:

  • Education:

Let’s begin with a degree in education. You can leverage e-learning courses to learn more about the field of learning and academics. So, what you can do with an education degree as an entrepreneur? This degree opens up several career pathways for students in the discipline of education. Also, it helps students hone their soft skills and improve critical thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication. So, earning this degree can help you establish a company successfully.

  • Business:

Business degrees cover several aspects of running a company in today’s environment, so you can get lots of meaningful insights about entrepreneurship by pursuing this course. Teachers shall show you the difference between short-term and long-term business strategies while discussing issues such as finance and accounting. This degree bolsters your soft skills and makes you capable of thinking on your feet. Also, you can gain the confidence needed to establish a company you own and run by yourself.

  • Finance:

Entrepreneurs should work on their financial know-how and improve their economic expertise. We suggest business managers obtain a degree in finance and learn about investing if they wish to enter the industry. This degree allows entrepreneurs to make strategic decisions based on proper financial data and not just their “gut feelings.” Remember that many startups have shut down due to a lack of funds. So, your financial expertise may save the company from bankruptcy and eventual collapse.

  • Accounting:

Don’t underestimate the importance of accounting because your company can’t operate without an intelligent bookkeeper. That’s why some entrepreneurs learn the basics of accounting all by themselves! Thus, you’ll learn about tracking cash flow, writing financial statements, and reading balance sheets. These skills make you a competent entrepreneur, allowing you to prevent an economic problem from hurting your business. So, grow your accounting expertise via this degree.

  • Marketing:

Statistics have revealed that almost 80% of startups collapse because they don’t have a business and marketing strategy. The absence of marketing insights can hamper business success in the world. So, we suggest entrepreneurs pursue a degree in marketing to understand how to attract customers and discover relevant markets for their products. Moreover, you can understand how to leverage social media platforms for brand awareness. That’s how your business can create loyal audiences.

  • Environmental Science:

Another interesting option involves studying the earth’s environment and how corporations impact the climate. Several companies are taking “green initiatives” because many customers prefer to conduct business with eco-friendly startups. You can provide a sustainable alternative to anyone looking to buy pro-climate products from brands that pledge to reduce their carbon emissions. Now, you can become a part of the “green economy” and turn yourself into an eco-entrepreneur in 2022.

  • Computer Science:

In today’s tech-dependent age, computer science has become important for entrepreneurs. A little technical know-how isn’t enough for someone attempting to build a brick-and-mortar company! Before establishing a startup, you can undergo this online program to briefly understand the basics, like designing small websites and writing codes. These skills can help you transition your small startup to the digital realm. That’s why we suggest you pursue a degree in computer science today.

  • Psychology:

Running a business involves public dealing and interacting with different varieties of people. So, you can obtain a degree in psychology to understand how people think and behave. That’s how you can deeply understand the human psyche and find ways to motivate your employees better. Also, this course will help you interview candidates properly and find the right people to work for an establishment you’ve founded. That’s how a psychology degree helps entrepreneurs be successful.

  • Communications:

So, earning a degree in communications will make you better at dealing with vendors, suppliers, and customers as a business founder. Also, this degree teaches entrepreneurs how to communicate with employees effectively. For instance, a survey shows that 44% of managers don’t offer feedback to their workers properly. Remember that communicating with your workforce properly ascertains that your business runs smoothly. Work on your listening and feedback skills by studying this course digitally.

  • Entrepreneurship:

In the end, we’d like to mention the most important degree (probably) you need right now. Several institutions today offer entrepreneurship courses to help young apprentices become more familiar with the business industry. This degree will involve everything from PR and ethics to market research and brand building. Moreover, this course takes into account the reasons why startups fail. So, pursuing this curriculum allows you to prevent your business from suffering from these hurdles.

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We concluded that getting a degree makes you better at running a business. An online degree helps you focus on your startup while pursuing academic excellence digitally. That’s why we named some degrees entrepreneurs should consider in 2022. We started our list with education and then moved on to several alternatives. You can major in marketing or finance. Getting a business degree – such as an MBA – also helps your career.

Moreover, entrepreneurs have options such as economics and accounting to bolster their business skills. Going with computer science or environmental studies isn’t bad either. Remember that these degrees can help you understand your market better and become a successful entrepreneur.

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