Things to know about big bongs and why you should use them

large-sized bong

Using a bong is the best way to enjoy marijuana, herb, or tobacco, and it is a popular activity among many people. It is common to see people smoking during hangouts and parties. However, not all have the same preferences regarding the type of bongs they use and how long they want their smoke to last.

Some prefer using small or medium-sized bongs, while others opt for large ones due to various factors such as convenience, portability, appearance, and more. A big bong refers to the size of the water pipe used for smoking marijuana or tobacco.

It ranges between 16″ to 18″ in height and comes with an increased chamber capacity compared to other types of water pipes available today, such as small glass pipes (also known as mini bongs).

Benefits of using a large-sized bong

A big-sized bong may be the perfect option if you’re looking for a quick high. A large-sized bong can hold more water than other bongs and, therefore, can have fewer refills before it’s time to smoke again.

This means you’ll get more smoke in your lungs with just one hit than if you used another type of bong. Another reason many people choose big bongs over smaller versions is that they want something they can pass around with friends and family members.

A sizeable bowl means everyone gets to enjoy themselves without having to wait their turn as often or refilling so frequently. Bowls of significant size also mean more room for ice cubes which cools down your smoke, making it easier on your throat while inhaling (and even helps keep some harshness out).

Factors to Consider while buying one

You should first decide on the bong’s size. If a bigger one is what you are after, then make sure you get one that fits your style. You can do this by considering the material used in constructing the bong and its shape, color, and filtration capabilities.

The second thing to consider when choosing a bong of significant size is its material and if it’s made from borosilicate glass. Bongs made from this glass are durable enough to withstand rough handling during transportation.

How to clean a bong?

You can use a long pipe cleaner and a small brush to clean the bong. Cotton swabs and paper towels will be great options if you want something more effective than the two.

  • Use the pipe cleaner to clean the inside of your bong. The most important part is to eliminate any residue left behind by your smoking session, as this can cause mold or mildew if not cleaned properly.
  • You don’t have to worry about cleaning every piece of residue because some will always be left behind. However, you must remove as much as possible before moving on.
  • However, if any stubborn pieces are sticking out, try using another pipe cleaner dipped in alcohol which should help loosen up those.

As you can see from this article, there are many advantages to using a big bong. It not only gives you a strong hit but also ensures that it’s cooler, cleaner, and smoother. If you’ve only used small bongs before, try using a big one to see how they feel.

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