What Tasty Treats Will I Find By Visiting a Tea Shop Near me?

Tea Shop Near me

Are you one of the growing numbers of Americans who’ve fallen in love with tea? If you are, then you’re likely experiencing lots of new flavors and aromas at home. But what of tea shops? What are they like in the US? Do they only sell tea? That’s what we shine a light on here as we show you what’s on offer at a Tea Shop Near Me

Well, if you’re lucky enough to live in Pasadena, Hollywood, South Bay or downtown LA, then you’re just a stone’s throw away from the best tea-drinking experiences available in the US, provided at the increasingly popular Chado Tea Rooms. 

A Glorious Selection of Teas

First off, as you’d expect, you’ll get the choice of a dazzling array of teas from around the world – so all you tea aficionados out there will not be disappointed with the options on display. We’ve seen some pretty great tea experiences in the US before, but this is next-level stuff. 

Typically speaking, when you run a tea shop near me search online, you’ll find a smattering of tea establishments, but not many come up to the same standard.

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That’s Far From All, Though…

Tea shops like these offer much more than tea sampling, rather, they provide a full-on taste experience that also includes food. You may know that tea goes rather well when paired with food, so anyone visiting places like this gets something of a taste extravaganza.


What you might not expect to get at a good tea shop is a selection of tasty salads, but that’s what’s on offer with Chado. Waldorf, baby green and St Pierre salads are just some of those on offer, so you can easily find something super tasty that’s healthy for you too. 


Tea and sandwiches – is there anything more refined and British? Not really, but that’s something else that a visit to a tea shop near me will get you. The fillings are amazing, too, with fresh salmon, succulent chicken and Black Forest Ham certain to get those saliva glands watering! 


If you’re up for something a bit more Mediterranean, then you can easily switch to a panini instead – particularly as there are lots more great, fresh ingredients used to create them. 

Grilled chicken, ham and cheese and tikka masala all offer a tasty treat to enjoy along with a carefully selected cup of tea. 

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Visit a Tea Shop Near Me Today & See For Yourself 

So, before you chalk off a visit to one of the many great tea shops that are springing up around America, thinking that you’re simply not into tea – think again. 

We’ve visited countless tea shops both in the US and in Europe, and there truly is a blend for everyone – and if that comes with some delicious food as well, all the better! 

We recommend that you start your journey today, particularly as your favorite variety of tea is just sitting there waiting for you to discover it. 

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