What You Need to Know About White Champagne Tea

Champagne Tea

Thanks to the growing popularity of tea in the United States of America, it’s now possible to get your hands on a wide variety of blends that include the likes of white champagne tea. This fruity take on white tea offers sweetness and taste abound, but it’s essentially based on white tea – something that’s mostly harvested in the Far East.

Known for its light and delicate flavors, white tea is derived from the Camellia Sinensis genus of plant and the fine hairs it has on its unopened buds. In addition to the amazing taste, white tea also offers a range of body benefits. Let’s see what it does for our health. 

Highest Levels of Antioxidants Compared to Other Teas

As is the case with white champagne tea and other varieties of white tea, the levels of antioxidants you’ll find in a cup is some way above other types. That’s because it tends to be the most naturally processed (less machine processed) and it allows the beverage to combat free radicals that harm our bodies every day through pollution, ozone, UV rays and more. 

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White tea has also been shown in studies to be great at reducing inflammation, as well as offering anti-elastase and anti-collagenase qualities. Associated with minimising the risks of certain cancers, arthritis and even heart disease, the drink is absolutely the body’s friend!

A Delicate Manufacturing Process 

When looking at white champagne tea its rather highfalutin name conjures up images of luxury and prestige and it’s an appropriate moniker. You’ve only got to look at the fact that most fine white teas involve an extremely delicate manufacturing process to see the love and time that goes into every cup. Every bud is hand-picked, with the delicate white hair on the outside needing to be protected.

Those picking the buds have to be exceptionally careful not to damage them as they remove them from the plant. Every effort has to be taken to minimise bruising the fragile leaves, such ensuring everyone has blunt fingernails and that no one uses any kind of tool during the process. 

Only The Best Leaves Make It Through 

The processing of white tea leaves is a painstaking process – giving real value to the end product (as is the case with other hand-picked products like saffron). Having to be picked at exactly the right moment of ripeness the very best white teas will produce a yellow drink in which you should be able to see the white hairs floating on the surface. 

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It’s also very low in levels of caffeine, so it won’t give you too much of a boost – making it ideal for people with caffeine sensitivities. 

Now’s The Time to Try White Champagne Tea!

The mistake that many Americans make is believing that tea is some kind of monolith that covers all blends and makes. Coffee isn’t like that, so it stands to reason that tea wouldn’t be either. As we can see white tea is almost a different drink from other blends due to how it’s made and what it’s made from! 

So, rather than assuming that you’ve already sampled what tea has to offer, why not try a few different blends like this one to see how wrong that belief is?

Either way, we hope reading our article leads to a whole new appreciation and understanding of the timeless beverage that is tea. 

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