WhoseNumber Review: Is This Site Reliable for Finding Out Who Called Me?

WhoseNumber Review


“Who called me from this number?” is fast becoming the most common question every phone owner is constantly trying to answer. Receiving an unknown phone call could mean a number of consequences either pleasant or unwanted. For instance, you might receive an unknown phone call from a hiring company you might have applied for a job through. In such a case, finding out who called would better prepare you for an appropriate response. WhoseNumber ensures the identity of such a caller is made available free of charge and at the convenience of your internet-accessing device.

An Overview of WhoseNumber

This site has been developed and equipped with an expansive database that allows users looking to identify an unknown number, to search through an array of available results to determine the most relevant information needed. There are a few features that set apart WhoseNumber is the leading site to do reverse phone lookup. These features include:

  • Confidentiality

This site virtually guarantees confidentiality during its use and observes international standard policies on privacy and safety regulations. This protects users from malicious encounters with cyber criminals looking to take advantage of online users.

  • Far-reaching database

WhoseNumber is effectively backed up by an impressive database that is regularly updated and streamlined to ensure users have access to accurate and reliable results upon conducting a reverse phone lookup search.

  • Wide range of results

When it comes to the amount of information this site can provide, users can be sure to gain access to an adequate range of data after performing a single search. This can come in handy whenever a profile needs to be developed regarding the owner of an unknown caller.

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work

The developers of this site have put into consideration different factors that would enable this site to function in the most optimal manner possible. In order to know who called me, users can use WhoseNumber. Just simply need to key in the unknown number in the search box at the top of the site’s page and click on search. It typically takes a couple of minutes to comb through the massive database and come up with the most appropriate results. Users can then select the most relevant results that suit their particular search and view them.

Since this service is completely free of charge and offers anonymity, users can utilize this site limitlessly and securely without concerns regarding hidden charges or leaked personal information.

What Kind Of Information can WhoseNumber Provide?

While the primary goal of this site is to provide an identity linked to an unknown caller, WhoseNumber has gone a step further in providing the best reverse phone lookup services. This is by providing some additional information including;

  • Personal information

Under the information provided here, users can gain access to the name, age, gender, and other personal information of an unknown caller. This is important as it is the basic information needed to identify who is calling.

  • Criminal background

Safety is a major concern that was taken into consideration during the development of this site. It is because of this that the database compiled has been designed to accommodate information on criminal records to help with user awareness in the event an unknown number is linked to an owner with a criminal background.

  • Address information

In some cases, it is necessary to find out the physical location of an unknown caller. WhoseNumber has been developed to provide addresses linked to a particular unknown number. Whether it is a home or work address, this information can help in identifying who called.

  • Social media presence

It is a common occurrence for phone numbers to be associated with one or more social media platforms. This is an aspect that this site has as well taken into consideration and in turn provided functions that allow any social media platforms linked to a particular unknown number to be accessed or viewed. Social media activity is crucial in determining the identity and character of an unknown caller.

Why Choose WhoseNumber to do a Reverse Phone Lookup?

This site has established itself as a preferred destination for phone users looking to find out who called. From its impressive features to reliability and safety, there are several reasons that have convinced users of the unmatched capabilities of this site. Some of the stand-out factors making WhoseNumber a favorite among users include;

  • Easy to use and fast

It has never been this easy to do a reverse phone lookup. This site is designed to be simple and efficient in providing the best results required by a user. All you need is an unknown phone number and you’re good to go.

  • Updated and extensive database

This site has been effectively equipped with an extensively compiled and constantly updated database to provide the required information on an unknown caller. Diverse information is made available to expand the scope of understanding regarding who you are dealing with.

  • Accurate and reliable

An updated database means up-to-date information is available whenever performing a reverse phone lookup. This enables access to the latest information detailing different identifying aspects of an unknown caller. It is important to get accurate and reliable results while conducting a person’s search.


There is no doubt that getting to know who called is an important aspect of telecommunication. This allows for effective communication as well as putting in place various measures to ensure malicious callers and irritating callers alike are no longer a menace. WhoseNumber has provided a platform and solution to users who want to know who called at any given time. The site provides its advanced reverse phone lookup services completely free. This means all a user would need would be a stable internet connecting device and an unknown phone number to gain access to a wide variety of information regarding its owner.

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