Why should you hire a lawyer for motor vehicle accident compensation?

motor vehicle accident compensation

Almost 1.3 million people die yearly because of motor collisions, while a significant number receive serious injuries. Motor vehicle accidents are of the worst kind because they can inflict serious physical injuries, including trauma.

If you have met with a road accident as a pedestrian, driver, cyclist, or simply an onlooker, you have the right to claim adequate compensation. The person responsible for inflicting injuries is also responsible for covering your treatment costs, loss of work days, and the general inconvenience caused by the injury.

You should hire a law firm like Attwood Marshall to help you with a claims process because they are usually complicated and involve plenty of legal complexities, significant paperwork, and collection evidence procedures. You might not have the time, expertise and legal knowledge to handle these.

Moreover, you will need to rest, relax, recover after an accident, and let your lawyer handle the procedures. It makes things convenient while ensuring you receive the fullest benefits of the law.

Here are some things related to accident compensation claims that you should know.

Who is eligible for compensation?

The law will consider you eligible for compensation if someone else partially or wholly caused your injury on the road. However, your attorney must prove the other person’s liability in causing the damage.

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What kind of claims are you eligible for?

You can claim a one-off payment to cover the losses and physical and psychological injuries caused by the injury. The compensation claims can also include loss of income or wages, medical treatment like hospitalisation, surgery (if required), counselling, and scans, paid care, and home modification costs.

Ways your attorney will help you

Your attorney will help you throughout the claims recovery process. They will contact the driver’s insurance company, collect the necessary evidence, access your medical and missing records (from your healthcare providers), present the evidence in court, and ensure you receive sufficient claims.

How will they collect evidence?

Usually, most lawyers visit the accident site to obtain first-hand evidence and hire a photographer to take photographs that might help them later. Your attorney will contact the investigating authorities and witnesses and collect the police reports related to the case.

They might also contact the doctors or healthcare authorities, asking for a letter that clearly explains the extent of your injury and its role in making you disabled for a specific period.

Are you eligible for any benefits during the claims process?

Any claims process usually requires some time to be finalised. During that interval, the other person’s insurer will be responsible for bearing the treatment and rehabilitation costs.

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If the insurer denies paying the treatment and related costs, your attorney will help you out. However, the insurer is not responsible for income loss compensation, but if you win the case, they must pay back the total income loss.

What is the maximum compensation amount?

The maximum compensation amount depends on various factors and the facts related to your case. Some factors include the severity of your injuries, income, qualification and employment history, treatment requirements, and potential for improvement or deterioration of your injuries in the future.

Is there a time limit for filing claims?

Motor vehicle accident claims usually have a limited time limit, and you should file one immediately after the incident. For example, the period for serving a Notice of Accident Claim Form to the insurer is nine months, while the limit for filing a nominal defendant claim is three months. Your lawyer will ensure they fill out the forms and file the claims within the specified time.

Hiring a personal accident attorney from Attwood Marshall or a similar law firm is the best thing to do after a motor vehicle accident. They will guide you through the entire process and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

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