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The journey to get golden visa, which is a popular residency by investment program, can be tricky. Remember that a golden visa can give you legal residency after making a qualifying investment. It’s a good idea to seek the services of an experienced golden visa attorney, especially if you are unfamiliar with Portugal’s visa processes. 

There are several things that a reputable golden visa attorney can do on your behalf. This includes representing and assisting you during the entire golden visa journey, providing legal support with your investments, helping you gather the required documentation needed in obtaining your residency visa. This page discusses why you should get a golden visa attorney.

A golden visa 

As explained earlier, a golden visa attorney can help you in several ways. They can assist to solve available legal loopholes that may arise during the application process, such as keeping you up-to-date with potential changes to the visa program.

There are certain documents you need to present when applying for the Portuguese golden visa. You also need to provide the right forms and contracts. Also, you must have a Portuguese bank account number and Portuguese tax identification number. But you need to give power of attorney to your potential lawyer. It’s worth mentioning that you can open a bank account in Portugal and get a tax identification number without going to Portugal. 

You need to make an investment to get a golden visa scheme, which is often by investing in residential property. The property can be in designated interior areas or commercial property which can be anywhere in Portugal. 

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But Portuguese investment funds have recently become quite popular, especially among Americans. Other options are making a capital transfer into Portugal, creating jobs for Portuguese citizens, and donating to national scientific research or even arts.  

You need to have several contracts to apply for a golden visa. Also, you need to pay for due diligence to make sure that you get beneficial terms. For instance, with venture capital investment, there needs to be due diligence. This is the reason why you should get an attorney with the right experience to ensure that the documents are correct and there is no potential for you to have legal problems. You cannot draw up these documents without the help of an attorney. Therefore, it’s crucial to seek the services of a reputable lawyer.  

The golden visa application process can be easy when you are an experienced professional. If you have a golden visa, then you don’t need to have any other visa to travel throughout the European Union. Besides, you can also have enhanced financial and personal freedom and live freely in Portugal. Even better, you can also be eligible for citizenship and permanent residency after 5 years.

Aside from these benefits, an attorney can also be useful in certain situations. You need to find an attorney if you don’t have the patience or time to go through Portuguese bureaucracy as well as the country’s legal system. You may also need a Portuguese attorney if you don’t speak Portuguese and intend to avoid some pitfall associated with making a bad investment that can cost your golden visa. 

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Finding a reputable attorney

When you decide to look for an attorney to handle your golden visa application process, you need to choose the one that has the relevant experience and has a good success rate. This is because there are usually specific documents you have to provide and the right contracts and paperwork. A golden visa attorney can be in a good position with all the requirements you need to fulfill to get a visa. 

And, it’s crucial to do detailed due diligence, especially if you want to contribute to a golden visa fund. An attorney with the right experience in this procedure can ensure that the documentation is completed. A reputable golden visa attorney usually deals with top immigration firms and attorneys in Portugal, making it easier to process your golden visa application. 

Ideally, it’s not a good idea to apply for a golden visa yourself. This is especially true if you cannot speak Portuguese because it can be hard to deal with local agencies, such as SEF when filing your application. Unfortunately, the Portuguese bureaucracy can also be overwhelming, so you should consider getting an attorney. 

Simply put, a golden visa attorney can represent you during your golden visa application and ensure that everything goes well. Also, an attorney can offer you the support you need with your correspondence with the SSF and resolve legal issues that can arise while applying for your golden visa. They can also liaise with investment-related authorities like tax offices and banks. 

Legal fees for a golden visa tend to vary, but it depends on the attorney you intend to work with. The golden visa investment can be a significant one with the minimum investment costing you at least €250,000. Therefore, you need to have a golden visa attorney with a good success rate to handle your due diligence alongside the visa application process as well as the renewal process. Take note that legal fees may add up considerably, though it makes sense to work with a reputable professional who knows what they are doing. The good thing is that you can find some legal firms that may deal with customized residence and citizenship solutions in many European countries like Portugal and Spain.

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In conclusion, you can decide to file your golden visa application, but you shouldn’t do it for many reasons. If you cannot speak Portuguese, it may be hard to deal with local authorities, such as Portuguese investment funds, which is the Portuguese border control service when it comes to filing your application. Also, the Portuguese bureaucracy can sometimes be tricky to handle. With the legal requirements needed for a golden visa, it’s quite easy to forget some of them and you have to redo the entire golden visa application. This is why you must find a golden visa attorney or work with an immigration service provider to assist you with the application process.

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