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In the last 30 years, developing countries have made phenomenal changes. Overall, poverty has declined, people have lived healthier and longer lives and the economy has undergone a major transformation. But many countries have missed the wave. Why have some countries thrived and others failed?on Toto 꽁머니

Stephen Delcon argues that the answer lies not in a specific policy but in an important ‘development negotiation’: The country’s elite are shifting from defending their status to betting on a growth-based future. Despite this lack of negotiation, China is one of the most notable recent successes alongside more undesirable places like Indonesia, Bangladesh, Ghana and Ethiopia. This book describes these efforts to win, in contrast to countries that have stalled by the maneuvers of their elite.


With over 30 years of experience in more than 40 countries, Delcon’s story will unfold through Ebola in Sierra Leone, scandals in Malawi, beer factories in the Democratic Republic of Congo, mobile phone licenses in Mozambique, and rescue programs in the South Sudanese encampment. It explores how development has been achieved worldwide and how to support such success, interweaving dialog with the prime minister, public officials and ordinary people. It’s a challenging, informative, and insightful book. Darkhan brings expertise, humility and humanity to the important question of what makes the country poor and what helps on Toto꽁머니the country to thrive.” David Miliband, Chairman and CEO of the International Relief Committee and former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom

Delcon’s message is poignant. However, any success must rest on the foundation of negotiations between the elite committed to the development and willing to learn. This should and will be a classic in international development.” Yoon Yoon Ang (author of “How China Escaped from the Poverty Trap” and “The Golden Age of China”)

It’s the most important book on international development in the past ten years. It’s a very political story about economic development, and only someone like Darcon, a scholar and a politician, can write it. – Christopher Bratman (by Why We Fight)

Why is there a persistent divergence in development outcomes around the world? While the policy has been the book’s focus, this insightful book suggests instead focusing on tacit agreements and negotiations between politicians and entrepreneurs’ elites. It is a very sharp, charming and timely book. James Madison, Professor of Political Economics, Professor of Political Science and International Affairs, Princeton University, Leonard Wanchecon, Professor of Political Science and International Affairs


He is an ambitious and uncompromising analyst on economic development challenges in China, India, Kenya, Ghana, and elsewhere. Deacon analyzes the challenges of economic development in China, India, Kenya, Ghana, and other regions around the world from both the perspectives of failure and success, based on various methodologies and his own life experience and work in various regions around the world. This book, which includes plenty of data and direct observation, attracts readers. Professor of Economics, Professor of International Studies, Karl Marks, Professor of Economics, Kaushik Basconel University, and former chief economist of the World Bank

“To solve the world’s poverty problem, it is necessary to combine mastery of what social scientists know with mastery of the politics involved in turning that knowledge into practical policy,” said Dr. Jensen. But scientists don’t understand politics, and politicians don’t understand science. Stephen Delcon understands both. This book is a unique achievement.” James Robinson is a professor at the Harris Graduate School of Public Policy at the University of Chicago and co-author of Why Nations Fail. Co-author of The Origins of Power, Prosperity and Poverty.

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